three oh three

Man, I can't believe it's been so long! The pix keep stacking up! Things keep happening. It's like, what is it that keeps me from typing on the keyboard? I mean, pushing on the buttons, moving the mouse around? It's a new keyboard, it's a nice mouse. And every now and then, I look at the internet, and it's like, "wait. I'm on the interenet... I should do something about that. Do something wit that. (btw, the new keyboard? It's already getting the black keys. Even out here the dust is a steady flow. I want to give Apple Design "props" for the GENIUS idea to use WHITE for keyboards. MAN that is SUCH a good idea!

**EDITORS NOTE: Suzy says I should put something more obvious at the top of my blog so that people will know that I have more than just this piddly little blog, which apparently is MORE piddly because it's a BLOGGER blog, not a typepad blog or one of those other kinds like wordpress™ but really it's okay. this blog. Even if it is a blogger blog. hooked on phonix worked or me.

Tonight there's a fire in town. We call the area Bum Hill. Kind of a nod to the homeless camped out in the park up the hill here. Not the park I lay down and read in every day. This is another one. It's nice too. Big, but it's choc-full-o-bums, so I just let 'em have it. But tonight a FIRE had it. And from what I can gather, BUM HILL BURNED. I was still hearing chainsaws up there a little while ago, but I believe the local FD licked them flames. I'll check it out tomorrow and get back to you on that. (ha ha. UP TO THE MINUTE REPORTING)

Ok. Just stop. Stop. It's not funny, and you're not even really saying anything.

But I just wanted to say I'm here. "I'm here world! Internet! I'm here!" like that guy, in that movie, (28 days later) when he's going around shouting "hello!" and so on.

Let me pick a photo or two to just shove in here as a hold over. I won't even say if I shot 'em, cuz I won't know until i pick 'em. (Live Updating) Also, I feel like i forgot to mention that i started a tumblr sometime back. You can check it out, it updates sometimes faster than here... The dTumblr click it sometimes.


dTown | listening to KCRW -

Which reminds me. What's with this whole like, "streaming audio" stuff, where suddenly they don't stream the track names any more? How'm I supposed to know what i liked and go buy it? Are you saying I have to take little time stamps of songs I hear now and by like, "Oh, i like that song, 3:12am on KCRW FM, but not KCRW FM, just like KCRW internet channel?

And then you can either look it up yourself, or I have to, but SOMEBODY has to, and by then the mood is totally lost. Because then I gotta look it up if I wanna know for myself, I have to go then to ANOTHER site to hear more, and you? The guy coming in cold, you have no idea even what it MIGHT have sounded like, let alone if you already have a low musical compatibility with me, cuz you've been checking it up on So you're not going to take 2 EXTRA steps, but if i was like, wrapping up a post, and i said, you know, "good times, dtown, listening to some like, latin sounding chick singing along to a piano, or maybe it's not a chick, it kind of sounds like the guy from gypsy kings, but it doesn't sound like gypsy kings, because i would just not even mention it, but i mentioned it because it kind of sounded like a chick at first, but anyway, that was on KCRW internet at like 3:15 in the morning on wednesday, but Pacific Time, not Eastern, which works out because KCRW is out here, but if you're not out here then the soundtrack might be different, because you know, by your IP address or something."

Seriously. I'd love to tell you. But I can't.

good times,

dTown | listening to KCRW Internet Channel | pretty nice out.