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Finally taking a minute to catch up on the pix, and so far it looks like i've covered some ground. Today's update has like over 400 new pix, so happy motoring. There's one photo in there which i did not take, well. What i mean, there is one photo in there which was not shot using one of my cameras, or in my presence. See, I don't really take any of the pix on this site. They just like, find their way onto my camera. But like, usually i'm around it when it happens. But there's ONE picture, which i had nothing to do with and that's because I wasn't even around. But the thing is, this picture is a picture of something I was talking about on a previous post. It's got to do with that fire in town on Bum Hill. So, I found it on Flickr. I don't remember the name of the fella what made it, but you know, you could flickr and search under san rafael fire, and i'm sure you'd find it.

the things is, the guy who made the picture had a bunch of other pictures that I really liked a lot, and wanted to link to it, so you could see too. In fact, I had thought i'd shoot an email over there and say like, "you know. Tight pix man." or something like that, but it turns out I didn't even do that. I mean it's holiday time. It's about celebrating my independence. About my freedom from the powers that govern me. About claiming a little plot of soil for which my own two feet can rest unmolested.

So I'm going link free today. INDEPENDENT of other entities on the world wide web. On The Innanout. I've had a lot of guests in this period of time. People confirming my existence here on the left hand side of the road.

There was an injury during these past weeks, where I managed to create an incision on my pinky, which is used mostly for typing the letters Q, A & Z, as well as ministerting to the Tab, Shift, Caps Lock, Option Control, and Command keys. (i like to say Option Control as one word, because it implies a significant understanding of the Qwerty layout.)

By the time of this writing, the wound is fairly well healed, and the last photo in the absolute latest scroll, was taken only a few short minutes ago.

I hope you'll enjoy them, as well as your own independence, and as well take a moment to consider those who are lacking independence. Feel MIGHTY about it, or feel sadness for them, but so long as your Feeling Something. Independence is about having FREEDOM. Freedom to choose and do and be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be it. (with the exception of certain positions which require a majority vote, whether popular or electoral)

Smiling because i WANT to. And dear ol' Uncle Sam doesn't WANT you.

Or whatever. It's not always about funny. It's about trying. Doing. Feeling.

HA HA!!! Oh Man. I gotta get out there.

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