Sitting eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thinking more about The Plan. What it is that I can bring myself to be interested in doing with my time. (my time on earth) I mean, I know i don't want to wear a kilt and a cowboy hat and make some sort of combustible art for Burning Man™ or something like that. But that's kind of as far as i've taken it. Interesting process of elimination. I know that the short term plan is to put some words here and then take my towel and a book to the park, lay down on the towel and read some of the book. Mostly I want to lay down on the towel and think about whatever comes to mind.

Every now and then, something will come to mind that I either don't want to think about, or wish I wasn't thinking about, and that's when I'll roll over and light a cigarette and while smoking it, i'll think about smoking a cigarette, and usually when i'm doing that, i'll think about other times I smoked a cigarette, and what I thought about then, and you know, something usually comes from it, but if nothing comes, i'll snuff it out and lay back down to let the sun give me some ideas.

It's nice to think that way. Just not really worrying about what you think about, except the parts where I still have to think about my Kevin Bacon experience. That part gets really boring, especially where it's been years and still it eats up my time. It would make more sense if say, I had been driving drunk, and I killed some little kid who ran out in the road to catch a ball or something. Then I would get it. I'd be like, 'well yea dTown. why don't you think about that for a while? But this is nothing like that. This is more like spending time thinking about why George Bush gets to be The President. There's no point to it. There's No Reason for it. It just IS, so there you go.

Ironically, i've even come to terms with that Bush can be president all he wants. That's fine with me. Whatever makes the rest of the world happy. Drive your hummers. Watch your Fox News. Go ahead and think that everything that's come to pass since 911 really really was about 19 saudi's with box cutters. OF COURSE it was. There's no question marks there. It's already been PROVEN by the president.

*I digress. That's politics, and we've already talked about that. No Politics.

Today there are some pix from yesterday, (7-11) and basically what happened there is I went out to Oakland, met up with sQQ and friends, ate some thai food? or maybe it was vietnamese. Either way, it was pretty tasty. I had some eggplant and stuff like that. Then we went to The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival. It's always fun to see stuff on fire, even if it's completely controlled and there's fire trucks around, and you know, security and wrist bands and all that stuff. Fire is something to watch. It doesn't ask questions, and it's always changing. (oh my how profound)

Anyway. That's what's going on. Ope. 4 o'clock. You know the rules.

i'm out

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