I went up to Santa Rosa over the weekend, and man, I gotta say, everytime I go there, (how many commas can I use in 1 sentence?) I gotta say, it's nice up there. I always run into people who hate it because they "grew up there". I say GROW UP. It's a great little town. Sunny and warm. People ride their bicycles around, there's a cool little scene, they got mountains and redwoods and really warm air. Housing is cheaper by a mile compared to here, and it's just plain old fashioned good times.

Pretty much all of my friends up there have kids, so you know, the vibe has changed a little bit in the past 10 years or so, but I like it. One thing I really like is they have a swimming pool. I can't find one to save my life here in San Rafael. I mean, Victor's got one at his place, but you know, you can't just roll up on it when you want and hang out by the pool in the sun all day. San Rafael has a skate park, but it's not the same thing at all.

Got to watch some of the tour this weekend. First time i've done that in years. I used to watch that religiously when I lived up there ten years ago. Funny how in New York I was content to just hear what was happening after every so-many days.

Got back last night and found myself in bed by 8:30, which you know isn't what I had expected, but I suppose all that good ol' fashioned country livin' took its toll on my aging self.

Not too much to report, other than I spent some time with some old friends and had a nice time doing it.

Good Times,

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