After two months of what I'll call "an observation period" I have determined that by having MORON FONT at the top of my blog, directing people back to the main website, there have been only about 4 people who navigate to danconnortown via the banner at the top of the page, so for me, I like the way the old banner looked better. But it was an experiment. Sometimes people tell me that you have to really assume everyone is a dumbass. But I've decided that I can assume people are dumbasses without compromising my aesthetic. So, if you don't know already, you are welcome to click the banner up top, where the flag is, or where it says danconnortown, and you know, that'll take you back to dTown where all the pictures are. And if you don't know how the main site works, you just press the buttons. Like Archives, that's where you find the pictures that aren't right there on the splash page linked to the words. That's pretty much it.

Not much else going on, over here. Eating some meals, making some photos, you see how we do. Oh, you'll see in today's update where Ol' Jon Boy cut his thumb with a dull knife cutting some limes. He got some stitches in there. In case you're thinking it was me. I actually have a sexier thumb, and on top of that, I wouldn't get stitches. You'll recall a few months ago where I had a nice superglue pinky. (incidentally, you wouldn't know which one it was if you were to look at them both today)

I've been watching Canon roll out camera after camera this week, the Mk III 1ds, the A650, the G9, and the 40D are the ones that caught the most of my attention. I'm not in the market for any of these cameras, but i will admit the G9 is looking pretty ballsy, the Mk III, well. That goes without saying, and the 40D doesn't please me so much because it's not full frame. I do like the A650, but not enough so to want to own one. I think the A640 which I make most of my photos with is still the favorite.

But wait. I was supposed to make an interesting post. I was supposed to say something different. Not about cameras or Jon's thumb. Maybe something politcal? I think I was pretty worked up about that Deutsche Bank Fire in Manhattan the other day, and how it somehow wasn't making the news, but I think I decided that WHY SHOULD IT? The whole 911 thing never really made the news, so what's the big deal about the Deutsche Bank? BUT if YOU are interested, you are welcome to google it and maybe piece together what I may have been thinking about it. I mean really, who cares? The big news this week is that K-Fed went to Vegas. Apparently he likes to party now that he's liberated or something. Now, THAT is what I call NEWS.


Anyway here's some pix. (over on the mainsite, like i was saying, you just click up on the top) They're not having anything to do with Graffiti or street art, but don't worry. I haven't lost my interest in those things.

If you were wondering, the site that I draw the most traffic from? It's Tembokbomber. You can see them in my links on the sidebar here. That's where the referrals are the highest. I love Tembokbomber. Thanks dudes.

Oh, another thing. I finally figured out where I keep the timestamp info in here. And i set it to Pacific Time finally, but that changes the times on previous posts. I don't mind. But just so you know. Going Forward you will see accurate time stamps for my posts and it will feel like you're really there.

Keep your noses out of the water,

dTown | Listening to Calexico | 70˚ and perfect like usual. BTW it's funny how "perfect" doesn't bore me.