the green man

aight playin a little ketchup, and one thing that's going on right now is that burning man thing, the green man. So I got this guy with a watermelon. it's green. he's a man. Get it? but then today, that guy (no i won't give him more props) but that guy burned The Man a little early to get famous, and then tonight, I was all queued up for the Tom Green show on his internet, with the headphones, the tinfoil, and a couple of squashes, but we came up short on time. Then, I was hungry after all the waiting so I went down to get a burger and the window display in the shop next door to the burger joint is all "Burning Man / Green Man" so i figured, OKAY. I'll mention it.

Summer is starting to crank it up over here, and the temps have been up there in the 80's i think, which is hot for here, but not like, you know, 80's in NYC. It's a different kind of it, and you already know that.

What about that girl from South Carolina though? The one with the answer about finding the U.S. on maps? And then there was that one about the Senator in the bathroom? Man, i'll admit it. I looked at some news lately, but I don't count it as politics if I don't have an opinion about it.

I keep thinking I want to say something clever, but nothing comes to mind so i'm just going to wrap it up. Here's what, check out the pix, they do the talkin for me. There's a bunch more coming, i'm only a few days behind now, so barring something REALLY exciting, we should be able to stay ahead of the wave. Man, that camera just keeps snappin.

Keep ya chins up.

dTown | listening to Tom Green (prepare for impact) | 57˚ and clear out there.