Alright, so i'm getting better little by little here. I wouldn't say it's a full recovery. No. I won't say that. But, still I've been making some pictures and that's been good. Another thing that happened was I was finally able to get back into my Flickr account, which i've been locked out of since last november when they did the ol' switcharoo, where you had to have a Yahoo! ID to get on or whatever. There was some sort of mishap, that took until just last week to resolve. ( INFURIATING ) but not really infuriating, I just said, "aah. whatever." and haven't dealt with it, but now it's been dealt with, but dig this.

Ok, so the main reason I even bothered with flickr was I thought it would be cool to have another venue to show my pix, but also because of the tagging, you know, getting to tag your pix. Because I strip all the metadata out when i save them for the scrollers you see, so I thought that would be great to have, but what i learned is, that none of my tags were working anyway. So then, you have to go to the forums, and the FAQs and spend time on that, and I was like, "gimme a break. just DO your job!" jeeez. Bla bla, more emails later, and we're still nowhere.

So, meanwhile, Firefox is acting like a punk rock teenager in a staunch republican's household. I mean, just CRUISIN' for a bruisin, and that's driving me up the wall. Loading pages slowly, failed page loads, random crashes, etc. Enough is enough, it's like a family crisis. I've got the Flickr giving me crap, i've got Firefox begging for a weekend at Boystown USA, and i'm still dealing with what is by now, most likely, throat cancer. OH NICE, and i'm just now seeing (remembering as well) that Safari doesn't have all the bells active with blogger, for like italics and what not, so i have to do it with the HTML lite as I type. (Talk about sounding like Ye Olde dTown all over again. (JIMINY!!) Alright so none of my photos can be found by the tags. So my friend Brad, he tags a photo with "danconnortown" and son of a bitch if it doesn't work fine for him. So i write him and I say, "HEY. What's Different?!" You think i'm gonna hear back? No. I'm not gonna hear back. He's to fancy with his fancy New York lifestyle. So, then I have to come up with something else.

And how'm I gonna do that? Well here's what i did. I was on Pownce™, that's this new thing that's all exclusive. (Oh wait. so i have to do the code for links too? see?! that's just going to slow me down. Thanks Firefox for sucking balls these past few months. 'Preciate it. ) anyway, it's supposed to be the new "big thing" but guess what? It ain't so big. The interface is clunky, it's got some limitations, it's a little confusing, and they want you to buy the "pro" account for it to actually be cool. And even then it's not really cool, it just has no "ads" on it. But here's what happened. I have the "invite only" style, so you know, i'm at least exclusive but trust me, you're not missing anything, but i'm in there and one of the ads is for this thing, a photo site, like flickr, but it's called Zooomr. Now, the thing about zooomr is, it's unlimited across the board, bandwith, images, file sizes, etc. and also offers tagging and so on. So (thanks Pownce) I went there and got an account and have been dumping photos up there because it's easy, and the effing tags WORK. You can see my pix on it by going to the dTown Zooomr. but there's not necessarily some new stuff up there yet. I'm basically migrating some old stuff. Making selects. But that's something you could see if you wanted to.

Tomorrow or so, i might get into editing the pix from the past week or two, but i'm not sure yet how it's all going to play out. There are some good ones though, nothing to get all hurky jerky about but you know, the lake is nice in the summer.

So there's them, and they're coming. Just wanted to give you an update. I'm not dead, but i'm getting closer. There's still pix coming down the pipe, i've had a falling out with Firefox, and i'm a day or two away from deleting my flickr account. What next? Who knows. Maybe i'll start using Opera or Camino?! ha ha

Bueno Noches,

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