the vibe

Here's some recent pix. There's some more coming too, I just couldn't get to them all tonight. Let's see. That first one you see on the scroll, that's what a smoker sees when they're done hawking up chunks of lung. I was being polite. I didn't put the big meaty black chunks up, because you should be allowed to ease yourself into the reality of it all. It's been a while since I had a cigarette, I think more than a month now, but I haven't really been paying attention. There's another photo in there with this lightbulb full of water in it. That's my friend Chris, down in LA conducting some sort of experiment in his apartment. And then the lion's share of the images are from my trip up to Lake Berryessa last weekend. Had a great time up there, and there's a lot of pix that I didn't post, but that's mostly because from my experience, I run the risk of being asked to take them down, which isn't how I like to do it.

You know how if you slap a kid, the kid doesn't care for getting slapped the next time? It's kind of like that. Except, none of these folks has slapped me in a long while with the "I don't like that picture of me" card, but I just decided I don't feel like even putting myself at risk over it. ADJUST.

In the meantime, i've been spending some time over at YouTube and getting some little videos up there. I'm sure you can figure out how to search for danconnortown on youtube if it interests you. And there's the zooomr too. (you can learn more about the zooomr on the post below this one)

That's my story. Oh DeEtte's having a birthday party this weekend back in New York. Gosh I wish i could join them for the little birthday bash, and I understand they've scheduled a pretty impressive meteor shower for the weekend too. I hope they have clear skies and nothing but good times. I'm going to try and see me some meteors too. Those are fun to watch when they're falling from the sky. In the meantime (while you're waiting) it's always fun to make up your own stories about the stars. Go to NASA's site for info on the meteor shower. I'd link it but you know how it is....

Keep your chins up out there. That's about all i'm interested in doing right now. Gettin' the nose to the sky.

good times,

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