bipass 912

You know I thought about it more and more as the days unfolded and I just couldn't bring myself to sit and type about the things I thought I wanted to type about the other day, the reason being, what's the point? I can think about it, write about it, make a movie about it, it's not going to change anything. A perfect example of something like this was like what I was talking about on September 11. All those people flew to New York this year to really raise awareness, and try to get their message heard. (You remember that kooky idea about how you know, the "official story" has some holes in it) Anyway, the hope was to finally get some mainstream press coverage. Thousands of people gathered in cities all over the country to make this happen, and well. I never saw anything about it on the mainstream media at all. I mean, there was some thing about Ass Face Rivera and his show about sexy dressing stewardesses on some airline, and him telling the 911 truthers to "get a life". That's not news, and Giraldo does nothing to help the cause. People aren't like, "Oh! Giraldo said something to them wacky conspiracy theorists?! Oh my. We better take a look at this!" So, I figured the same thing. If you ignore it long enough maybe it will just go away.

What I decided to do instead, which is something I've been doing a lot of lately, is just drive on out to the beach. This time I went out to North Beach, which is also out there on the Point Reyes National Seashore, and it was great too. The water was nice etc. and I got it in my mind that sometimes, since where I live now doesn't have as much graffiti and trash and stuff all over the place, that with the landscape photos and everything being so good looking, the scrollers can feel a little jumpy with the images from edge to edge, so this post has a lot of stitched together panoramics which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. It really never stops amazing me the contrast between my digs in ol' east flatbush brooklyn, and well. Life out here.

There's also some nice pix from the road out there through Inverness, along Tomales Bay, and of course you'll see good ol' Rusty Brown once or twice. Such a great car.

Anyway. That's all for now. More next time.

danconnortown | listening to Pavement | probably like 60˚ & clear out there.