Numero 250

it's funny, I always imagined that once i got up there in the posts, that i'd be really rolling with something by then. Like a story book or some amazing thing that was totally a "must read" for lots of people, and here I am on post number 250, and still it's just me sitting at the desk, finished a bowl of pasta and not much to report beyond there is incense burning in my hall on account of something rather unpleasant involving feces and a carpet, i'm listening to some music from the mexican side of the fence and drinking water from a glass.

Really. That's the big news. HA. I mean, sure it smells good, the breeze, coming through the window. September 11 is knocking at the door and it's been long enough that it's about to fall on a Tuesday again, and there are still people putting stickers on sign posts that say "end the war on X - Date" etc. But really, what's new with them? what's new at all? Nothing's changing except for the obvious. Summer is on the down slide, though in California as you know (or maybe don't) summer is really just coming up to speed right now. We don't feel the fade for a month or two here, but the sense is there. The sun sets in a different part of the street and so on, but really, it's business as usual. These pix are a testament to that sentiment. Nothing exciting, nothing new, but again, here I am putting them there on a Saturday night and here you are on whichever day just having a look. So everything is just fine.

And you know, thanks for stopping over to read my post. Halfway to 500 of those. Maybe by 500 I'll come up with something interesting to talk about. I mean, i talk about interesting things, it's just that when I wait until i've edited the photos to come up with something to write, well, the steam has left the pipes. Maybe i'll work on that element soon.

Oh, here's something NEW. This morning I noticed when i woke up for work, (around 6:30 this morning, i got to sleep in) I noticed i wasn't thinking about Kevin Bacon. I didn't even notice, that's what makes it funny. But i came to my email, and sure enough there was a spam in the box that said, (in the subject heading) "danconnortown, Get Giving with Kevin Bacon."

Forgive them lord. They know not what they do.

In other news, I can't think of the last time I ate a bit of cheese.


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