oh nine one two

This post is really just a place holder. I'm kind of too tired to write the things I wanted to say. I was laying on the couch reading a book while the pix were uploading, and kept nodding off. That's because Tuesday was an eventful day. A couple of things i did want to mention so that I'll remember to touch on them at some point are that today is my friend Jay's birthday. We've been A-List friends since like, 9th grade. This is the first year I've been out here for his birthday in like, 10 years. The other thing is that today is also the 2 year anniversary of Kevin Bacon canning my ass when I got home from my vacation in Tulum. Two Years. Still thinking about it. I was even thinking about it when I was at the beach making pictures today. So those are some things I want to remember to write about when i'm more awake, but i'm sure mostly I'll write about the anniversary more than I will the birthday. I mean, a birthday's a birthday. Not all of them are just birthdays, but you know how I mean. September 12 is now like my own personal September 11. A day I will never forget. A day that I think about on the other 364.

Anyway. Enjoy the pix. They're fresh off the press. Most of them were taken out at Kehoe Beach, at Point Reyes. And no, I didn't give too much of a hoot about matching / balancing color. I just kind of make each picture how I want them to look on their own (Ha! hardly). Though, i wouldn't bitch if they did all match, and I didn't have to be the one to make that happen. Here's a little video I made for ol Brad over at SBJFOUR while I was out there making pictures. If it's good enough for him, maybe it'll be good enough for you too. Cheggit out.

Alright, more soon.

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