presidio ja vu

today I rolled out with Sargeant Jucker and The Troops to The Presidio for a little field trip. When I got there it was a little foggy but still a beautiful day in that sort of mystical way that "foggy" always seems to be in the city, and more so in The Presidio. At first I thought to myself, this would be a good day to just shoot everything in black & white. and of course, I can only partially commit to shooting in black and white when i've got the option to shoot in color, I mean, if you shoot in color, you can go black and white later, but you can't change your mind the other way around as easily. So I shot everything in color with a mind on the black and white, and while I was at it, I took a few pix with the Nikon, and a few with the Canon just to see what happens. To see how they feel at home, verses in the hand.

I'm over the whole comparison thing between the Canon A640 and the Nikon D200. They do different things. (The Nikon makes me feel macho, and the Canon takes good pictures) so, it was fun to do a semi-side-by-side shoot out with them, not really concerned about the outcomes, but for you, on the viewer side, you might enjoy to see if you can guess which images were made with the canon and which were made with the nikon. But really, that's not what the site is about so don't worry your head about it. Just look and see if you see what I see.

When I got home, and it was time to edit on down, I really had a time of deciding if i wanted to flop back and forth between color and b&w or just do all color, or just do all b&w. In the end, I decided to do all color, and all b&w. But i didn't really commit to the b&w, so don't get all ansel adams on me. I just sort of ran an action on the color ones when they were done and called it Black and White. But it's cool to see them both I think. Maybe open up two scrollers today, (GO CRAZY!) and um, stack 'em on your screen, so you can see one on top of the other. (or the other way around) I haven't done that yet because the images are still uploading and feeding me errors about what didn't upload and so on in the background here, but it's on my list of things to do as soon as the pix are there. Stack 'em up and look at 'em on top of each other.

Also, I ate some Top Ramen tonight. I can't think of the last time I did that, but it seemed appropriate as I was drinking Eye of the Hawk. It's like a sort of "college dinner" vibe. I mean, though I didn't drink when I was in college (per sé) I do associate the two with college.

anyway, that's the poop. Cheggum out. Sunday's pix are hot off the press, the others are from the immediate past.

good times,

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