testing mars

One of the drawbacks i've had with ditching firefox as a primary browser on this end is that I lose some of the perks, editing tools on the blogger, seeing the temp and weather info in the progress bar, and a few other little bells & whistles that are nice plug-ins with the Mozilla products. The big ones for me have been really the stuff with editing on the fly, adding links, text mods (bold / italics / etc) because I have to be mindful of the mark-up code while i'm writing, verses just pressing simple command keys, so good ol' Brad at SBJFOUR.net pointed me to MarsEdit, which I've seen in the past but never really gave it a second thought. Usually the moment I hear I have to pay for something that doesn't pay me, I lose interest. Well, I shouldn't say usually I should say lately. And that's all because i've been trying to keep my existence on the super-low budget so that I wouldn't have to work this year. So tonight i'm testing the trial version, to see if it actually works for me.

Incidentally, that went very well (taking the time off, I mean). I took a nice long stretch off from the "work your tail feathers off" scene, and got a fair amount of R&R in between February and now. Next week that's going to stop and I'll get back to having a regular life with some responsibility and some regular income.

For those not in the know, I've taken a job with Apple out here, and I'm going on board as one of the Mac Geniuses that you get to meet and spend time with at The Genius Bar. I'm actually pretty excited about it because I already spend most of my time immersed in macs anyway, so might as well get a little bread and butter out of it. It's a distinctive shift from the work I've been doing all these years, and I've had plenty of time to think about it. It's a pretty substantial cut in pay, but it's also a pretty substantial cut in work, and I still get to be on top of all the new toys and technology. I'm going to be starting full time with the team here in Corte Madera starting next Monday, and really looking forward to the next year or so getting to really flex my head on all things mac, and in the wake of it be that much more tuned on my own stuff here at home.

Now, to shift gears. It's September 10, and it's a Monday night, so we've come full circle from the September 10 of six years ago, the night before the world "changed" for so many people. I am aware of each hour as it draws closer to the morning, and I remember talking with Laura on this night, and she was telling me how beautiful the silvery moon was over the East River, looking out from our apartment on 34th street. How she was expecting me home, and how much I wished I was able to be home with her that very night. As it was, I was having a great dinner with good friends here in San Francisco, and spending the night in Oakland with my ol' college buddy, Burnt. What a difference a day makes.

Tomorrow I expect there to be some news from New York, as the 911 truth guys, as well as just about every other 911 group dedicated to bringing the government to task over the lies, distortions and yada yada following that tuesday six years ago. The hope is to finally get some attention by the mainstream media on this, and I have to admit, my confidence in their ability has been truly shaken in this arena. I don't delve much into politics as a result of my experience with it, but I do have my fingers crossed and hope that tomorrow will bring some focus on the real issues surrounding the attacks on that day.

Since moving back here, I regularly meet people who have no idea about the sheer numbers of Americans who do not believe the "Official Story" and people who have in a very real sense, been blind to all the commotion in the wake of the attacks. It's discouraging, but it's something that's grown so big I can comfortably say that it's out of my hands. If they haven't been paying attention, they're not likely to start now.

One little detail that really stands out for me tonight, is the glaring fact that Osama Bin Laden isn't even really important anymore, not to the FBI, The White House, or even The Justice Department. And although his name does appear on the 10 most wanted list, he's not charged with having any connection to 911 at all. On top of that, there's never been a bit of evidence produced which links Osama to the attacks. This is something I clearly remember hearing over and over on the news in the weeks and months following the attacks. "We will show you undeniable proof!"

Well. It's been six years. I don't care how slowly a fellow types, it shouldn't take that long to come up with a little document stating what Osama at least "allegedly" did, what was his "role" in these attacks. Of course there are movies and books and pages and pages upon pages and more pages available on the internet pointing fingers at piles of other glaring inconsistencies in the Official 911 report, but somehow this Osama thing has captured my attention this week, and it's really sticking in my mind. I mean, with OJ Simpson, they at least came up with something to give to the people, a bloody glove, etc. to at least create the sense that he may have been involved in the Nicole Brown / Ronald Goldman murders.

I'm not going to waste time trying to make you believe something you don't want to believe, or regurgitate anything i've said over the past several years on the subject. I just wanted to say, that i'm still aware of it every day. From missing videos of anything actually striking The Pentagon, the mysterious collapse of WTC's Tower 7, the lack of an aircraft in the hole at Shanksville, PA. Even the apparent free-fall of The Twins themselves. There certainly is enough information about each of these readily available to anyone interested in knowing, though the questions still beg to be answered.

Let's hope that on Tuesday, there is some sort of awakening, at least in New York City, that finally gets some serious airtime, and hopefully some traction, in the mainstream media, something that explains how we (The United States of America) came to be the laughing stock of the world, and with any luck at all, finally force some answers from the puppets on the strings, or maybe even the masters pulling them.

Please don't hold your breath. Just cross your fingers. And if you're interested, I've gone through my links in the sidebar today. You're welcome to peruse the section about never forgetting there on the right hand side of this page. There may be a wealth of information you were never aware of. Maybe just check out the link there for "loose change" today. I would love it if just flipping through the links, or even reading this post made a difference that really mattered somehow.

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you're here.

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