next phase of it

So now i'm back, and the pix from today's update are all about where I was, and what I was up too. You'll see some new friends in there, and some good times along the way. It's a little less "beachy" and a little more "chico" ha ha! I'm back and i'm working the full time job being the McGenius, and still coming up to speed on what exactly that means. It is good times, Rusty Brown continues to run fine, I continue to read books and listen to rock and roll. Sometimes I smoke cigarettes, sometimes I don't.

The weather is stretching into a NorCal Autumn, we're seeing some rain here and there, some clouds, and some cool nights. It's a nice place to be. I'm growing a little older and finding pleasure in my naps, and getting to bed at a regular time and rising like a regular cat. I'm curious how that's going to impact the pix we make in the coming days. I mean, I go into the archives and I see the mellow vibe of it, and i look at today's update and I see the rip-snortin' good times of it, and I think i'm going to be okay when it comes time to find the balance, split the two in the middle then throw me smack dab in the center!

Good times,

dtown | listening to Ween (La Cucaracha) | 60˚ and moon bright