today i got home from work and i was thinking, MAN, it's BEEN A MINUTE. And I was thinking about all of the things I'd like to do in my minutes when i'm not working or napping or hunting the sun, so i decided to check out ol' dTown on the internet.

What prompted me were these SPAMS i've been getting. I mean, nothing special about them, except the volume, and it got me to thinking about it. I mean, i've got this Yahoo! account, that i've been paying for for years now. And the point of it was, you know, if you PAY for your email accounts, that they don't spam the hell out of you. But the things is, I got a Gmail account, and i don't get all spammed to the gills. And that's FREE.

And I know people at Apple right? So i get the deal on the .mac account. And i could just move my site over there, onto one of their servers. And so I save money, and i don't PAY yahoo! to send me spam.

Well, i was thinking about it. And then, i got to thinking about how shitty Yahoo! mail is when it comes to working on macs. And I thought about all the phone calls over the years to Yahoo! and the response of the customer service when i say, "First, i'm on a mac. I'm running bla bla bla on a G5 bla bla bla" and then the customer service dude goes, "oh. we don't really support mac."

And then i got to thinking. "SO WHY DO I SUPPORT Yahoo!?" I mean. I like macs. I support mac. Why should i do business with people who don't SUPPORT mac? That's just stupid. There are plenty of options out there that DO support mac. So that's what i've been thinking about.

And I mean, WHY should I have to PAY for hassles? I don't grasp it. So i'm going to focus on that for a minute over the next couple of a little whiles. And once i've got that all figured out, I think i'm going to storm on back into it.

For now, i know it's not much, but here's three recent images that i made.

I call them, SPAM FROM YESTERDAY AND TODAY. I mean, just 2 days of spam. When i think about how many thousands and thousands of crap emails i've had to sift through or teach a filter to sift through, or just delete over the years, and to think i was paying Yahoo! the whole time for "the pleasure of it" it makes me disappointed. But you know, that's the wrong way to look at it. Really. Just plain old don't use them. Problem solved.

you can click on those pictures to get a better sense of what i'm talking about.

Another thing i did today, was i went and bought one of those "couple gallon jugs" of water. See, when i first moved back out here, i drank the tap water because it seemed silly to buy it from a store. I mean, after all, IT'S CALIFORNIA. But then in the late spring, they started tearing up the road out front to put in some new pipes. And all summer long they were at it, ripping up the road for more pipes. Well, ever since then, the water has tasted terrible. And it's not even CLEAR anymore. For some reason, i just kept on drinking it, and i'd say to myself, "this water sucks. I should just buy some, because i'm sure this can't be GOOD for me." But i never did. Kind of like the Yahoo! thing.

But today i bought some. Guess what? It was fucking DELICIOUS. And i ENJOYED drinking it. In fact i've got a nice cool glass of it right here next to me RIGHT NOW.

So, a year of change. Chinese New Years hits, and all the big changes start falling into place. First, drink water from a "couple gallon jug". Second? Can Yahoo!.

that's a couple of things i can do.

More soon.

dTown 12:56pm 45˚ and clear as clear can be out there. Stars shining down upon me.