a fair amount

of things have happened over the past few months. None the least of which was the part where I went ahead and purchased some faster internet for my place. Now to many of you the glory of fast internet may already be a distant memory, but I can tell you that it makes a very big difference when you are uploading a lot of photos to your site. Having the slower internet was actually one of the main reasons you haven't seen me at ol' danconnortown "the website" for the last little while. It just got to be so frustrating trying to do a simple update that i decided it wasn't worth my time. Now, i'll admit there have been consequences. Now i guess i see about 20 hits a week on the site, but hey. If i wanted hits, i'd make a site about naked chicks and people wrecking on their skateboards. (not a bad idea)

The pictures in today's little update go all the way back to the end of November when I had just returned from NYC, and you'll notice that there's only about 170 images in today's update, which if you do the quick math, 170÷ Late November + (December + January + February) + The Front of March = you noticing i've slowed down a bit on the clickity clackity of photographs in general. Not to worry. It's just a Period of Non-Work.

Things you won't see in this update:

• That time we got into that street fight with that one guy.
• Many trips to the local watering holes.
• Lots of other things.

Things you will see in this update:

• A photograph of my car.
• A trip back to New Hampshire.
• My Thanksgiving Dinner plate.
• My Christmas Dinner plate.
• My Birthday Cake.
• My cool new keyboard.
• Many trips to the local watering holes.
• Lots of other things.

Tonight it was interesting for me to realize how long it had been since an update, I mean, seeing the trees when their leaves were only beginning to change, and then the leaves were falling, and then the leaves were gone, and then the rains came, and then the sun came, and now the trees are already budding again. That's technically a stretch between updates.

You'll notice also that i'm still using the same host for my site and have not engaged in the work of a complete redesign for the new year or anything like that. That's okay. It doesn't mean i'm not thinking about it. It doesn't mean I won't get to it eventually. It only means that i'm spending time on other things lately. That i'm shifting the way I do things. That i'm growing into something different.

I'm not positive that this website is high on my list of things to worry about, but it doesn't mean I don't want you to see more pictures from my cameras. I'm sure something is going to come of all this rest and moderation. In the meantime, enjoy. I'm sure i'll come up with something to write about in the next little while, and it will be funny or witty or charming.

Have yourselves a nice day, and I tell you what. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

good times,


ps. special thanks to those of you who stuck with me over that dry spell, and the shout outs to get the site updated. I really appreciate it, particularly from the likes of my good friends Brad and Todd C you guys are great, and I just want to say thanks.

listening to Robyn Hitchcock | 48˚ and clear out there, but dark.