the heat

man i've gotta tell you, i've been wondering when it was gonna get warm around here. I mean, seriously. I remember a year ago, it seemed like it was on average about 20˚ warmer across the board, and finally, yesterday, it happened. So with that burst of heat, i said, "okay. Now i can do this friggin' update" because man, I don't like to be cold, and i don't like to think about why it's cold, and here we are. I'm back to normal. (thank you sun) today's update is probably going to hold for a little while because i'm not sure why because but because i feel like that's going to be it for a minute. It will be apparent to you that i still take the pictures, and eventually they make their way to the interweb.

the big news, which you will gather pretty quickly is that i sold Rusty. Sure. I miss him. It was sad to see him go, he served me well, and we had many many many great times together. There's a frame in there where Rusty is driving away to his new home, and it kind of breaks my heart a little bit each time i see it, but the thing is, you'll probably also notice the new whip in there, and the thing about the new whip is, it really makes it all okay. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S WARM OUTSIDE.

but pretty much this is what i've been doing. Just driving around out along the coast and out through the countryside of northern california, soaking in the sun, and looking up at the trees. I've been reading books, and mostly books i've already read. I was going to make this particular update have all much larger photos, (like 700px tall) only because there's one photo where you can see the book i'm reading, and you can read all the words on all the pages, and i thought it was nice. I sent a big copy to my friend Silky Jr. and it was nice to share with her, and after i thought about it i thought it would be nice for all of you to get a sense of the day like that, but then, when it came time to resize everything, i was like, 'nnaaaaaaaaa, i'd rather take a nap.' and well. there you have it.

That said, being the first really nice warm night we've had, i'm actually more anxious to go out there and do something, like say (for instance) go play board games and smoke cigarettes with a new friend in Sausalito, than sit here and type about something just off the cuff. Here's my compromise.

I'll write something else soon, and even stick some pictures up there just to prove i still take 'em.

Good times,

dTown 9:13pm 82˚ and spring is in swing. Lovin' IT.