imminent arrival

the new update is literally almost there man. I've got all the pix to spec, and the thing is it's you know, 3 in the morning, and you know how the ol' saying goes. "The ol' gray mare, she ain't what she used to be..." I mean, i could probably bang out a paragraph or two about it, and call it a night, but i wanted to say something, and the thing is that once i get to banging out paragraphs, well. it's one on top of the other and then it's 4am, and then i'm like, "oh man. Now what have i done?!" and then it's time for work, and i've gotta get my scene all in a bag and out to the shop, and well there you have it.

In the olden days, I wouldn't think twice about it. I'd just stay up right on through and still get it done. But the thing is, that's what makes a fella old. Or no, maybe it's what keeps you young. I haven't really figured that one out yet. But the point is, i'm not going to find out tonight. I'll hit the rest of the little details tomorrow and then you'll see what happens.

It's plain old good times.

In other news, Ye Olde SBJ4 sent me this link this morning, and I rather liked it. Concept, fit & finish. So maybe that will hold you over till i get my new stuff up here for you. Have a peek: A Photo Story.

good times,

dTown 3:18am Listening to The Exploding Hearts, and dudes? It's like 65˚ out there. FINALLY! (woohoo)