Spring Cleaning

So it's been a long minute, and i'm not saying it hasn't. Thing is I don't have the same pull to put the things I see up there on the ol' Fridge of the internet that I used to. So tonight I was sitting in my chair and thinking about that, and thinking well, what is it about it, this thing where I don't just show a little discipline and put the pictures out there? What is it that makes me think, "baaa. Who cares? BIG deal?!"

And really, I got nuthin. Maybe i'm just growing into something else. Numerous times i've thought to just take the site down, or at least migrate it to some other place, something. Anything to mix it up, I mean, Yahoo! (the guys hosting my site) aren't that cool. I can't say that they don't at least HOST the site, but really, there's nothing great about them as a host.

The pictures? Well sure. I still take some, but they aren't really something i've been too passionate about lately. Ok, i'll admit, there's some that i've shot that i'm into, but that was never the point. The point was always to just take some pictures and then put them on the internet, and then take some more, lather - rinse - repeat.

So tonight, that's my loose plan. I'm going to just start an edit and see where I land. I'm not going to bust my hump over it, but really, if some of my other friends can manage to get a picture a week up onto their site, and it makes ME happy to see those, well then, there's not really any reason I can't at least do something like that.

I don't mean LIKE that, but i mean, just do something before i forget how to even work with my site at all.

So i'll be back.

Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about it.

One thing I can say is that, ONE thing that has had an impact on my whole, "let's do a website" thing, is a few months ago, I went with a couple of friends into the city for a party. I was the designated driver, and the prize was that one of my friends let me drive her car down there. It was a convertible.

Now, you all KNOW how much I love a convertible. So the thing is, it reminded me, how much I love to drive a convertible. And the smile that gets onto my face when i'm driving one, is something I really enjoy to have.

You may recall the photo in this particular post from my last update back in March. Well. It was a moment in my life when I made a decision to do something about it. In that frame, I am driving along in SF on Lombard Street, heading toward Filmore, but only just past Lyon Street coming from The Bridge. I still remember it very clearly.

good times,