Slippy Fingaz

It's really not that big of a deal when you think about it. I mean, i've been slinging cameras around like they were fucking donuts in a paper bag for about 20 years, so, from time to time, something's gonna break. I mean, I remember back in the days of you know, FILM, when i would huff the N90s around with 2x SB26 strobes, and so i'm at a party, and drop the camera, smash the strobe, get it fixed for a few hundred, go to hawaii and immediately drop the camera on the rocks, break the strobe again. (DAY 1) And even to this day, no. Wait. I did get that one fixed again, and it wasn't until I moved over to New York, and I was at a party uptown somewhere, in the days before semiprecious weapons existed as a band, and I think I accidentally threw my camera across the room. I mean, I don't remember why it was going so fast, but it totally got away from me. I don't know if I was trying to fling it and catch it, or, not really FLING it, but you know, juggling multiple things, and as will happen when you're dropping something precious, and you don't want to break it, you try to get your foot out there to slow it down, maybe let your toes take some of the pain, cushion the blow or what have you, and as will happen when you try to use your foot to catch something you don't really want to drop, you wind up just kicking the beloved thing across the room.

This is because your legs are typically much more powerful than your arms, and in the moment, you aren't thinking about restraint. You're thinking about you know, "Save the baby" or whatever. So I punted my camera across the room, and that had to be 3 years ago. Well, that strobe is still broken and parked in a bag somewhere.

Today's incident was similar. I was coming back from the lake. I had tossed my bag on the chair, put the groceries on the table, and was in the process of unslinging my camera from my shoulder to put on the coffee table, and well, it just got away from me.


I didn't fully grasp the severity of the incident for a moment, but my mind did register, "Wow. That was a pretty solid hit." And I flashed back to a time when I was just out of my teens and watching a criterium bicycle race in new hampshire, and this guy was switching lenses, he looked like he had a really nice kit, and he was there juggling the lenses, big ones you know? And one of them got away from him, and he, like me, tried to slow it down with his foot, and punted the lens across the pavement. It was bad, and at the time, I think I laughed right out loud. (I've always felt kind of bad about that ever since.)

So today, it was my turn. One of many turns I get to smash my stuff. But I didn't get my foot out for this one. It just happened so fast, it was just, I can't even explain it, it was just one of those things that was meant to happen from the moment I discovered Glide brand dental floss. It was already in the ether. This thing was going to happen before I knew I would even own a Nikon.

So I'm not upset about it, I mean, not in any real sense. It's just a camera on the table for now, and when I get around to it, i'll make more pictures with it, or whatever.

Point being, I was taking pictures with it over the past few days, and in fact the past few months. And though i've been slow to get them up on my site, it's nothing to worry about. It's on my list of things to do.

Last week sometime, I moved all my stuff to a new server, and now i'm just hoping to get the time to move everything else over there too, and get on with the new host and all that stuff.

So there's plenty going on.
I'm sorry I didn't get some more pix up there for you today, but when I saw this one, I just felt like I kind of had to.

It's good.

Good Times,

dTown - Listening to La Traviata, 54˚ and clear. I'll tell you though, 54 feels cool to me.