The Tortoise

Well, i'm getting there little by little. I've got the edit at least into a folder, and many of the pix are close to ready to go, i've been so busy with all this other stuff man, it's just astounding to me how the time goes by when you grow. Today has been very productive so far, I've learned that when under even modest emotional duress, a fella can get things done by simply getting out of bed and driving hard to the hole. This morning I did things like, buy plane tickets, book hotel rooms, visit the cobbler shop, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, read some book, write and read a few emails, take & make a few phone calls, make a plan to catch up with my ol' Roomy from Brooklyn, water the plant, organize the purchase of a new suit for my friend's wedding, and even managed to get a little walk in, plus spend some time with a neighbor talking about the state of our nation's economy.

And now it's 11am, and i've got a few more things on the list I'd like to hit before the 12 o'clock church bells ring. If I can get all the "Important Stuff" out of the way I hope to get back here by sundown, and hammer out the rest of these photos, try to resize them and get them up and on the ol' internet for ya'll to have a gander.

When they come, it will basically be "What I did on my Summer Vacation 2008" if you would call it a vacation, when you're working the whole time.

It's all about perspective. Maybe it's one of them Staycations™ i've been reading about in the New York Times.

Speaking of times,
It's good times.

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