Autumn's Past

Yeah, I've still been taking the pix, but somehow they're not getting to the webs. It's a funny type of stagnation when you find yourself with the camera, though the niggling fact that it rarely feels your index finger on the button is what really matters... I could blame it on any of a thousand different things. I blame work. I blame the economy. I blame the home-life. I blame the weather. I blame the administration. I blame the local police, the state police, and the secret police.

I mean, it's easy to point fingers, but really it's that I haven't been pointing the camera. For example, tonight i'm kind of lolly-gagging through an edit here, and it's got like 150 images in it, and that's what i've got to show for nearly three months of shooting. I mean, sure. There's some nuggets in there, but i'm actually surprised at myself too.

I'm not especially worried about it, I mean, I'm working on them and I am still and forever thinking of some new fancy update but really I sit down and start into it and just completely lose interest. It's not to say that making photographs no longer interests me, it's the spending time making them small and putting them into this little box.

I do like it when I do it with consistency, and I hunt down interesting links, and there are interesting stories to tell, but lately, I feel like it's been kind of hum-drummy. I mean, i'm not getting 35,000 spams a week. I'm warm in the apartment. Maybe it was that really bright moon?

I don't know precisely, other than to say there's something missing. And that something needs to find its way back to my daily routine. (if it ever was a routine)

But this is just a little note to let you know i'm here, and i'm lurking in the background.

Good Times,

dTown | Listening to Kate Nash | about 50˚ and clearing skies.