Well, you never know how it's going to start. I mean, one minute i'm sitting there staring at the computer and listening to it hum along and I'm thinking to myself, "Baaaa... I don't want to spend the time on this." But then, something happens. I begin the editing process, I bang out a few words, kind of a warning shot, a flare off the bow, and then I'm just going along with it. The photos are making their way to the folder, the folder is making its way to Bridge, Bridge is taking care of the dirty work, photoshop has the actions to handle the resizing, and before I know it an hour has passed, and then another, and then another, and lo & behold an update is taking shape. So, there we are.

It's just after 5:30 in the morning, and no, i'm not a fan of pulling the all nighters like that, especially without my traditional study aids, (tequila, tobacco, & punk rock) but when the mood strikes, I never like to put it off. I don't know what you call that. But it's how I work, and I don't have anybody telling me I should be doing something else at the moment, so I'll take it when I can get it.

The real thing that got me moving today on this was I couldn't just leave the site in this eternal limbo in the wake of the wholly catastrophic previous 5 months. Sure, there were some good times in there, but I would be lying to myself, as well as to you, if I didn't acknowledge that letting those last updates just hang for eternity, was the chapter I wanted to kick off the lights in. (I was trying to think of something like, when Cheers ended all those years ago, and as they were walking out, Sam kicked off the lights, but I really couldn't think of anything fast enough, because my fingers were already typing, and they really do have minds of their own when it comes to this sort of thing.) Now, Brad & Melissa's wedding was great. The New York thing was great. The summertime with Sheila was absolutely not without its charm, but here we are stomping at the steps of Christmas, and well, things are all different now.

So, todays pix pretty much pick up where we last left off, the last update was posted after the wedding in October, and then I suppose we had the rest of October, all of November, the front of December, and that of course brings us to today. The last image was taken earlier today on my machine here at home, I was chatting with a friend of mine in Paris, who also went ahead and sent me a funny video, which I always appreciate. (good times wiessla!) He wouldn't have HAD TO (send me a video) if iChat worked nicely between here and France, but alas, it never has. Sure. We could use Skype. We could use probably a hundred different things, but that's not the point.

You'll see that I still exist, I still move around, and I still make photographs when the mood strikes me.

I haven't got anything witty to say about The Government, Technology, or The Weather. I really don't have any funny stories just champing at the bit to get around the track here this morning, and I think that has a little to do with the snapping and crackling and popping that my brain does when I run strong till the next day's sun is brushing the fur off its teeth and making its way across the desert. (Hell Bent on burning some fog off the coast as soon as the Mission Bells ring)

One thing the east coasters will notice is that the leaves are turning here, and in a lot of places they're already fallen from the trees, but mostly due to the rains we've had over the past few days. (Rain is a reasonable contrast to Massive Ice Storms, which I prefer to have no part of.)

I guess I'll wrap it up because i'm not even really saying anything, just rambling away and burning up the cartilage or whatever it is in the knuckles, that you use up by typing all the time, and causes a fella to feel OLD before his time.

You all take care of yourselves out there, and oh, I updated the archives too. I'm not sure if everything is in there, and i'm sure it's not all labeled correctly, but poke around in there and you can find the stuff you've been getting bored of over the past few weeks/months.

Sending love from my little apartment to yours,

Good times,

dTown | 5:51am | Still 50˚ and Moist | Listening to nothing but the fans on my PPC G5 iMac.