This is really just a quickie. Eleven little frames so that I don't find myself immersed in the 200 or 300 that happen when I let the eleven turn into 20, and the 20 turns into 60, and then one week turns into one month, and so on before I get an update in place. They aren't much to report about, I mean, I went to the beach and I drove around a little. I saw some turkeys, but OH. There is one thing in there. You'll see my couch. I tell you, I bought that couch out of a garage in Novato. I can't remember if it was free or if it was $75, or if it was free, and I paid $75 to buy some wine to convince the guy to help me pick it up with his truck, but either way, I bought the couch back when I first moved here, and I'd been dreading cleaning it since I got it, not only because it was white, but also because you know, I sometimes have terrible luck with that sort of thing.

I can pay the premium and get the covers professionally cleaned, but hey, the couch is a craigslist find. And besides, whenever I pay the premium, I tend to find myself disappointed. They stain my stuff, or shrink it, or whatever, something happens. It always does, and that's why I always just do things myself. And even then, there's no guarantees i'm going to be happy with it, as is evidenced by the photo of my couch. I can tell you i'm quite UNHAPPY with the result. See what happened is, I washed the covers. I did it all on delicate cold and low, but somewhere in there, I began to get frustrated with the expense of my time. I felt like it was quite an investment of my time, and the sun was out and though it wasn't warm, it sure as hell wasn't like being inside a store at a mall all day, and I wanted to get the hell out and enjoy it.

So what I did was, I kicked the dryer up to "normal" for about 20 minutes to kind of hasten the project.
Well. You don't have to tell me it was a dumb idea, because god damn it, the next thing I know, i've lost about 4 inches of connectivity on my couch. DONE.

Sure, I can rewash them, and stretch the covers when they're wet, but likely I'll wait another year or two before I get around to it. I mean, it took me almost 2 years to get around to cleaning them in the first place, and it's not like they really came out that much cleaner anyway, and on top of that, I somehow broke a plate. I don't remember HOW I broke the plate, but I do remember looking in the sink and saying to the plate in pieces, "oh. So it's like THAT is it?" and again, they were just a thrift store find, but now the set is one place down. I can only have 3 guests with matching plates. Or maybe I can have 4. I don't remember if it was a set of 5 plates? was it 6? The hell if I remember, but I remember when I bought those plates, I was thinking they'd look cute somewhere sometime, and in the end, i've got a smashed one in my sink with an empty can of salmon on top. Go figure. What's cute about that?!

Well anyways. That's the latest.
Any of you cats wanna throw me a 5D MkII, let me know and i'll email you my address. Otherwise, just stay tuned, i'm sure there's more pictures coming on. I can feel 'em in the wings.

Good times,

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