Up Periscope!

Well SURE a lot of folks would have given up by now. Who the hell could blame 'em? But really, I gave up too. I have no excuse other than I simply didn't FEEL like it. I mean, sometimes I felt like it, but then i'd sit down in front of the computer and it would like, go to sleep, or just give me the beach ball of LOVE or whatever else can get in the way, and i was like, "Naaaaa...." (thanks though. I'm going to take a pass) and then it was like that with the cameras too. I was somewhere and i dropped that ol' A640, and by now it's got like missing bolts, stuff is bent, etc. and I was just bored with pressing the power button, and then nothing happening. And how many "pretty" pictures of Northern California can a person look at before they say, "okay okay. I get it. It's nice looking right? And you drive a convertible? And the sun's out all the time?! Got it. Thanks."

Because one thing that's different about being here than being there (New York City specifically) is that, it's easy to get lazy. It's easy to get caught up in stuff like, sitting on your ass in the sand. Walking through some woods. Driving up to napa with the top down and jumping in a hot spring.

But if you throw in the curve ball, like say, you meet someone special, and well... Things change. I'll go ahead and let you know. Things changed. I got me one of them curve balls. Nice one. Didn't see it comin' but I tell you I ain't complainin. Sometimes you get a curve ball that's got the right kinda curves if you catch my drift.

A lot has happened since last I was typing here. But nothing too terribly exciting to anyone else. I mean, there was a group show in our gallery here. That was fun. It was the first time i've laid out any actual prints since I moved out here a couple some three years ago. Felt good to see some pictures on paper for a change. There was also the entire season of Spring. (which I enjoyed) Paid off the car, that was great. Oh it got run into and repaired too. I mean, lots of little meaningless things, but altogether, they have meaning, and that's what I wanted to say tonight.

Even if my computer is sputtering on its (faking) last breath, I just wanted to let you know i'm still here. I haven't been here, but i AM here tonight. And Todd C, where ever you are, this post is for you. And of course, i'll be looking forward to you getting out here and getting married and me taking pictures when i'm around it and all of that too. Now let me dig up some photos to post.

I'm pretty sure i won't be doing anything with the actual "site" tonight, but hey. Here's ya' bone. Six lil' pikchaz shot somewhere between January and Today...

Good times,