by way of explanation.

What's happened is, I've had to do a full erase / install on my mac. Not a big deal, but just big enough that there has been some impact in my life. Not the kind of impact that cannot be recovered from, but just enough impact that it rattles my cage. In the end, I think it's all going to be okay, but in the short term it's a bit of a crap-sandwich. (Which, as you know, is not always my favorite sandwich to eat, though there is no shortage of them to be had).

So in short, after the update / reinstall i'm missing a few of my tools. The version of Dream weaver that I was most comfortable with, and the preferences therein. Again, it's not the end of the world, but after taking 9 months of not even touching a site, starting off with the possibility of having to start from scratch is not so much daunting as simply "off-putting". I'd rather go drive around by the beach and upload to like a twitter or tumblr account than fuss over a website that is by all accounts a dinosaur...

What i've done in the meantime while I decide if I want to spend 6 to 10 hours at a crack sorting out the issue with the files and so on, is just dumped a link to my Tumblr page which is infinitely easier to update. I don't even have to be home... But of course I will come back to this and rework the site the way I like and get it all tuned in and so on. It's going to be fine, but what i've learned is, as I grow older, I find I have less and less time for technical shenanigans. I'm not up all night drinking tequila and smoking cigarettes and giving two shits about whether or not I'll have to pay for it in the morning.

These days, I drink water and eat fruit & absolutely give a hoot whether I'm going to have to pay for it in the morning. It doesn't make me a better or a worser person, just an older person. As an older person, I have come to realize how much time has been spent sitting in front of this little iMac G5, the eMac G4 before it, and the old MacClone before that, all in the interest of getting a few photos out there to the world, and I begin to question the need to type until my tendons ache, fuss over code until a jpeg appears, and stress over the speed of my processors when managing and editing images, all for the sake of making them just appear on a little website of no major significance.

But it is my little baby I guess. And I suspect I will completely reconfigure it and get it all working nicely again and have the correct software and preferences and settings to make everything work smoothly and effectively and over time it will (never) be like the olden days, and it will be a source of pride and salvation for me after a long day working at The Mall.

Sure. Times have changed a little. But I'm (kind of) still the same guy (basically). Now instead of using the cheapest digital camera I could find, i've gone up the ladder, and was using more and more expensive little point & shoots, and then more expensive DSLR's, and today? I use an iPhone. I really enjoy using the iPhone because it gives me no guff. I click "send" and it's on the internet. It makes keeping it real, even easier than it's ever been, and i'm grateful to have the opportunity to post pictures as quickly as I can make them.

So, for now, I hope you'll enjoy the Tumblr, check back often, because it won't (or shouldn't) be long until we've got his site tuned, honed and throttled to the floor with something worth coming home to.

Good times old buddy,
good times.

dTown | listening to the new aluminum keyboard and the whirr of a G5 fan | 73˚ and Sunny out there.