Wha Happen?

So, what happened was, I got caught up with work and things like that, for what feels like a couple of years. I was looking through some stuff on the ol' computer here recently, and discovered that I hadn't even updated my archives since December of 2008. I mean, obviously something was creating a distraction. The only constant since then has been work. But now, I don't really have that problem, and I find myself with time to revisit the things I like to do.

I also got one of those new iPhones, and the great thing about an iPhone is, it takes me back to the simplicity of my "pinnercam" days. Just a tiny little camera that's in your pocket. No fancy settings to worry about, and it takes pretty good pictures. I also discovered this thing called a tumblr, which I had only been using for reposting other links, or things that I found on the web, or what have you, for a few years now, but when I got the iPhone, I found it was a way for me to post pix without having to deal with any html, or dreamweaver, or slow internet speeds at home, or even having to sit down in front of a computer at all, and THAT knowledge kind of changed things a little.

So for a little while now, I've just been posting to the tumblr and telling myself that when I have time I'll revisit the coding and posting to the scrollers on the regular site. But the thing is, it turned out the tumblr was too easy. It left me with time to do other things, like GO PLACES and see people, and stuff like that. I can just upload anytime of the day from anywhere I happen to be. It turned out that I preferred to go places and see people vs. sitting in front of a "few year old" G5 iMac and haggle with it over whether it wanted to edit my pictures with me, or futz with Comcast on the phone for days on end to decide whether or not they were going to give me a satisfying internet speed.

And so that's kind of what I've been doing. Just tumblin' along. Definitely check it out, because for now, that's my new home away from home.

I hope you'll understand.

You may also be happy to know that I did fire up the ol' DW application yesterday, and made a few (very few) minor tweaks to the original site, with an eye on addressing a real update of some kind, but you and I both know i've been saying that for about 4 years now.

Thing is, now I've got the time, and I'm beginning to get the inclination, so be sure to check back here and again.

Good times,

dTown - 8:50am - listening to the wirrrrr of my trusty (if slow) G5.