today i got home from work and i was thinking, MAN, it's BEEN A MINUTE. And I was thinking about all of the things I'd like to do in my minutes when i'm not working or napping or hunting the sun, so i decided to check out ol' dTown on the internet.

What prompted me were these SPAMS i've been getting. I mean, nothing special about them, except the volume, and it got me to thinking about it. I mean, i've got this Yahoo! account, that i've been paying for for years now. And the point of it was, you know, if you PAY for your email accounts, that they don't spam the hell out of you. But the things is, I got a Gmail account, and i don't get all spammed to the gills. And that's FREE.

And I know people at Apple right? So i get the deal on the .mac account. And i could just move my site over there, onto one of their servers. And so I save money, and i don't PAY yahoo! to send me spam.

Well, i was thinking about it. And then, i got to thinking about how shitty Yahoo! mail is when it comes to working on macs. And I thought about all the phone calls over the years to Yahoo! and the response of the customer service when i say, "First, i'm on a mac. I'm running bla bla bla on a G5 bla bla bla" and then the customer service dude goes, "oh. we don't really support mac."

And then i got to thinking. "SO WHY DO I SUPPORT Yahoo!?" I mean. I like macs. I support mac. Why should i do business with people who don't SUPPORT mac? That's just stupid. There are plenty of options out there that DO support mac. So that's what i've been thinking about.

And I mean, WHY should I have to PAY for hassles? I don't grasp it. So i'm going to focus on that for a minute over the next couple of a little whiles. And once i've got that all figured out, I think i'm going to storm on back into it.

For now, i know it's not much, but here's three recent images that i made.

I call them, SPAM FROM YESTERDAY AND TODAY. I mean, just 2 days of spam. When i think about how many thousands and thousands of crap emails i've had to sift through or teach a filter to sift through, or just delete over the years, and to think i was paying Yahoo! the whole time for "the pleasure of it" it makes me disappointed. But you know, that's the wrong way to look at it. Really. Just plain old don't use them. Problem solved.

you can click on those pictures to get a better sense of what i'm talking about.

Another thing i did today, was i went and bought one of those "couple gallon jugs" of water. See, when i first moved back out here, i drank the tap water because it seemed silly to buy it from a store. I mean, after all, IT'S CALIFORNIA. But then in the late spring, they started tearing up the road out front to put in some new pipes. And all summer long they were at it, ripping up the road for more pipes. Well, ever since then, the water has tasted terrible. And it's not even CLEAR anymore. For some reason, i just kept on drinking it, and i'd say to myself, "this water sucks. I should just buy some, because i'm sure this can't be GOOD for me." But i never did. Kind of like the Yahoo! thing.

But today i bought some. Guess what? It was fucking DELICIOUS. And i ENJOYED drinking it. In fact i've got a nice cool glass of it right here next to me RIGHT NOW.

So, a year of change. Chinese New Years hits, and all the big changes start falling into place. First, drink water from a "couple gallon jug". Second? Can Yahoo!.

that's a couple of things i can do.

More soon.

dTown 12:56pm 45˚ and clear as clear can be out there. Stars shining down upon me.

yeah yeah yeah...

so you're all like, "what the fucksup dTown? how come you don't just update your site?!" and i'm like, "yeah yeah, sounds great. Let's do lunch."

ha. but so here's what's been going on. Not a whole lot of taking pictures in the way I used to be taking them all the time anyway, but i mean, i still take 'em. I've just somehow got myself busy again, and with other things I guess. But that's fine. It's an ebb and flow kind of thing. My heart is still in the right place. (nestled within the ol' rib cage) but I haven't been worrying about making sure the batteries in the camera were charged or even if the camera comes out of the bag. it's not a negative thing, it's just a "period of non-work" or rather, maybe it's a period of "working on something else". I say that only because when i finally sat down to work on an edit tonight, and was thinking of the last time i'd done that, i guess mentally i was prepared to see myself with a 300 or 400 image update on my hands, but that wasn't the case. Maybe i'm slowing down. Maybe i've seen what i need to see. I can't really be sure.

Here's what I'll say, there's some new york in there, there's some california in there. On the day where you see the fog, you know from the windshield of my car? that's the day that that dude crashed that boat into that bridge and dumped all the fuel oil into the bay. I don't think it makes the news really, so maybe you didn't hear about it, but a guy drove a pretty big boat into a bridge out here, and tore a whole in his boat, and then dumped like 60,000 gallons of fuel oil into the bay, and it's causing quite a ruckus. Last I heard, they were going to get The Department of Homeland Security on it. ( you know, because they're so effective. I mean, when's the last time you got on a plane without having to take off your shoes? How about the last time you brought a tube of toothpaste on a plane? ) So you can see, it's the right thing to do.

What else. A retired baseball player got on the front page.

And my friend chris got married. That's actually big news, but I didn't want to make an update all about you know, "wedding photos" because that's not what's really going on twentyfourseven. It's just a moment in there, which I will admit was a pretty good moment. Ha, i tell you what, there were a few good moments in there.

If i didn't see you when I was in New York, don't worry. You're not alone. I was in and out of there, and to be honest glad to be back here where it's sunny and warm. I mean, don't get me wrong. It was great to see the city, but i can say i wasn't yearning for it when it came time to leave.

What else? Oh i don't know. Maybe even the blog needs a shift in gears. it's just like yak yak yak, but for what?

ah, the good times.


next phase of it

So now i'm back, and the pix from today's update are all about where I was, and what I was up too. You'll see some new friends in there, and some good times along the way. It's a little less "beachy" and a little more "chico" ha ha! I'm back and i'm working the full time job being the McGenius, and still coming up to speed on what exactly that means. It is good times, Rusty Brown continues to run fine, I continue to read books and listen to rock and roll. Sometimes I smoke cigarettes, sometimes I don't.

The weather is stretching into a NorCal Autumn, we're seeing some rain here and there, some clouds, and some cool nights. It's a nice place to be. I'm growing a little older and finding pleasure in my naps, and getting to bed at a regular time and rising like a regular cat. I'm curious how that's going to impact the pix we make in the coming days. I mean, I go into the archives and I see the mellow vibe of it, and i look at today's update and I see the rip-snortin' good times of it, and I think i'm going to be okay when it comes time to find the balance, split the two in the middle then throw me smack dab in the center!

Good times,

dtown | listening to Ween (La Cucaracha) | 60˚ and moon bright


This week i've been mostly studying for the Mac exams, to prep ma'seff for 2 weeks at The Mothership in Cupertino. I didn't take many pictures, and really spent most of my time sitting right here at the computer reading and learning and testing and reading and learning and testing. I did get outside from time to time and was conscious of the pictures I wasn't taking, a few times thought I would really like to take a picture, but had deliberately left my camera at home. I don't know if that made me feel like I was "resetting" my defaults or not, but it was interesting to not just whip out a camera all day long. I don't prefer to not take pictures, but wanted to see how I would get along if I didn't.

It was okay. I lived. Tomorrow I head to Cupertino for two weeks of training at the Apple Headquarters, and I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to take a few pictures while i'm down there, but i'm pretty sure most of my time and energy will be devoted to passing the tests and learning what I need to know.

Just wanted to drop in and let you know that I'm still here, just have some other things on the front burners for a minute. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but recently I went through the archives looking for broken links and missing scrollers, etc. and I did find a few, so i've fixed most (hopefully all) of those, and welcome you to poke around in the archives for old time's sake. When I get back from the southbay, or if I have an opportunity to update from down there, I'll get the latest pix up here, and i'm looking forward to getting some new stuff up there for ya'll.

Until the next time,

be good to each other, play nice, and wish me luck!

good times,

dTown | listening to the wurr of my PPC G5 | overcast and warm

bipass 912

You know I thought about it more and more as the days unfolded and I just couldn't bring myself to sit and type about the things I thought I wanted to type about the other day, the reason being, what's the point? I can think about it, write about it, make a movie about it, it's not going to change anything. A perfect example of something like this was like what I was talking about on September 11. All those people flew to New York this year to really raise awareness, and try to get their message heard. (You remember that kooky idea about how you know, the "official story" has some holes in it) Anyway, the hope was to finally get some mainstream press coverage. Thousands of people gathered in cities all over the country to make this happen, and well. I never saw anything about it on the mainstream media at all. I mean, there was some thing about Ass Face Rivera and his show about sexy dressing stewardesses on some airline, and him telling the 911 truthers to "get a life". That's not news, and Giraldo does nothing to help the cause. People aren't like, "Oh! Giraldo said something to them wacky conspiracy theorists?! Oh my. We better take a look at this!" So, I figured the same thing. If you ignore it long enough maybe it will just go away.

What I decided to do instead, which is something I've been doing a lot of lately, is just drive on out to the beach. This time I went out to North Beach, which is also out there on the Point Reyes National Seashore, and it was great too. The water was nice etc. and I got it in my mind that sometimes, since where I live now doesn't have as much graffiti and trash and stuff all over the place, that with the landscape photos and everything being so good looking, the scrollers can feel a little jumpy with the images from edge to edge, so this post has a lot of stitched together panoramics which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. It really never stops amazing me the contrast between my digs in ol' east flatbush brooklyn, and well. Life out here.

There's also some nice pix from the road out there through Inverness, along Tomales Bay, and of course you'll see good ol' Rusty Brown once or twice. Such a great car.

Anyway. That's all for now. More next time.

danconnortown | listening to Pavement | probably like 60˚ & clear out there.

oh nine one two

This post is really just a place holder. I'm kind of too tired to write the things I wanted to say. I was laying on the couch reading a book while the pix were uploading, and kept nodding off. That's because Tuesday was an eventful day. A couple of things i did want to mention so that I'll remember to touch on them at some point are that today is my friend Jay's birthday. We've been A-List friends since like, 9th grade. This is the first year I've been out here for his birthday in like, 10 years. The other thing is that today is also the 2 year anniversary of Kevin Bacon canning my ass when I got home from my vacation in Tulum. Two Years. Still thinking about it. I was even thinking about it when I was at the beach making pictures today. So those are some things I want to remember to write about when i'm more awake, but i'm sure mostly I'll write about the anniversary more than I will the birthday. I mean, a birthday's a birthday. Not all of them are just birthdays, but you know how I mean. September 12 is now like my own personal September 11. A day I will never forget. A day that I think about on the other 364.

Anyway. Enjoy the pix. They're fresh off the press. Most of them were taken out at Kehoe Beach, at Point Reyes. And no, I didn't give too much of a hoot about matching / balancing color. I just kind of make each picture how I want them to look on their own (Ha! hardly). Though, i wouldn't bitch if they did all match, and I didn't have to be the one to make that happen. Here's a little video I made for ol Brad over at SBJFOUR while I was out there making pictures. If it's good enough for him, maybe it'll be good enough for you too. Cheggit out.

Alright, more soon.

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testing mars

One of the drawbacks i've had with ditching firefox as a primary browser on this end is that I lose some of the perks, editing tools on the blogger, seeing the temp and weather info in the progress bar, and a few other little bells & whistles that are nice plug-ins with the Mozilla products. The big ones for me have been really the stuff with editing on the fly, adding links, text mods (bold / italics / etc) because I have to be mindful of the mark-up code while i'm writing, verses just pressing simple command keys, so good ol' Brad at pointed me to MarsEdit, which I've seen in the past but never really gave it a second thought. Usually the moment I hear I have to pay for something that doesn't pay me, I lose interest. Well, I shouldn't say usually I should say lately. And that's all because i've been trying to keep my existence on the super-low budget so that I wouldn't have to work this year. So tonight i'm testing the trial version, to see if it actually works for me.

Incidentally, that went very well (taking the time off, I mean). I took a nice long stretch off from the "work your tail feathers off" scene, and got a fair amount of R&R in between February and now. Next week that's going to stop and I'll get back to having a regular life with some responsibility and some regular income.

For those not in the know, I've taken a job with Apple out here, and I'm going on board as one of the Mac Geniuses that you get to meet and spend time with at The Genius Bar. I'm actually pretty excited about it because I already spend most of my time immersed in macs anyway, so might as well get a little bread and butter out of it. It's a distinctive shift from the work I've been doing all these years, and I've had plenty of time to think about it. It's a pretty substantial cut in pay, but it's also a pretty substantial cut in work, and I still get to be on top of all the new toys and technology. I'm going to be starting full time with the team here in Corte Madera starting next Monday, and really looking forward to the next year or so getting to really flex my head on all things mac, and in the wake of it be that much more tuned on my own stuff here at home.

Now, to shift gears. It's September 10, and it's a Monday night, so we've come full circle from the September 10 of six years ago, the night before the world "changed" for so many people. I am aware of each hour as it draws closer to the morning, and I remember talking with Laura on this night, and she was telling me how beautiful the silvery moon was over the East River, looking out from our apartment on 34th street. How she was expecting me home, and how much I wished I was able to be home with her that very night. As it was, I was having a great dinner with good friends here in San Francisco, and spending the night in Oakland with my ol' college buddy, Burnt. What a difference a day makes.

Tomorrow I expect there to be some news from New York, as the 911 truth guys, as well as just about every other 911 group dedicated to bringing the government to task over the lies, distortions and yada yada following that tuesday six years ago. The hope is to finally get some attention by the mainstream media on this, and I have to admit, my confidence in their ability has been truly shaken in this arena. I don't delve much into politics as a result of my experience with it, but I do have my fingers crossed and hope that tomorrow will bring some focus on the real issues surrounding the attacks on that day.

Since moving back here, I regularly meet people who have no idea about the sheer numbers of Americans who do not believe the "Official Story" and people who have in a very real sense, been blind to all the commotion in the wake of the attacks. It's discouraging, but it's something that's grown so big I can comfortably say that it's out of my hands. If they haven't been paying attention, they're not likely to start now.

One little detail that really stands out for me tonight, is the glaring fact that Osama Bin Laden isn't even really important anymore, not to the FBI, The White House, or even The Justice Department. And although his name does appear on the 10 most wanted list, he's not charged with having any connection to 911 at all. On top of that, there's never been a bit of evidence produced which links Osama to the attacks. This is something I clearly remember hearing over and over on the news in the weeks and months following the attacks. "We will show you undeniable proof!"

Well. It's been six years. I don't care how slowly a fellow types, it shouldn't take that long to come up with a little document stating what Osama at least "allegedly" did, what was his "role" in these attacks. Of course there are movies and books and pages and pages upon pages and more pages available on the internet pointing fingers at piles of other glaring inconsistencies in the Official 911 report, but somehow this Osama thing has captured my attention this week, and it's really sticking in my mind. I mean, with OJ Simpson, they at least came up with something to give to the people, a bloody glove, etc. to at least create the sense that he may have been involved in the Nicole Brown / Ronald Goldman murders.

I'm not going to waste time trying to make you believe something you don't want to believe, or regurgitate anything i've said over the past several years on the subject. I just wanted to say, that i'm still aware of it every day. From missing videos of anything actually striking The Pentagon, the mysterious collapse of WTC's Tower 7, the lack of an aircraft in the hole at Shanksville, PA. Even the apparent free-fall of The Twins themselves. There certainly is enough information about each of these readily available to anyone interested in knowing, though the questions still beg to be answered.

Let's hope that on Tuesday, there is some sort of awakening, at least in New York City, that finally gets some serious airtime, and hopefully some traction, in the mainstream media, something that explains how we (The United States of America) came to be the laughing stock of the world, and with any luck at all, finally force some answers from the puppets on the strings, or maybe even the masters pulling them.

Please don't hold your breath. Just cross your fingers. And if you're interested, I've gone through my links in the sidebar today. You're welcome to peruse the section about never forgetting there on the right hand side of this page. There may be a wealth of information you were never aware of. Maybe just check out the link there for "loose change" today. I would love it if just flipping through the links, or even reading this post made a difference that really mattered somehow.

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you're here.

dtown | listening to Niño Josele | remembering another time.

presidio ja vu

today I rolled out with Sargeant Jucker and The Troops to The Presidio for a little field trip. When I got there it was a little foggy but still a beautiful day in that sort of mystical way that "foggy" always seems to be in the city, and more so in The Presidio. At first I thought to myself, this would be a good day to just shoot everything in black & white. and of course, I can only partially commit to shooting in black and white when i've got the option to shoot in color, I mean, if you shoot in color, you can go black and white later, but you can't change your mind the other way around as easily. So I shot everything in color with a mind on the black and white, and while I was at it, I took a few pix with the Nikon, and a few with the Canon just to see what happens. To see how they feel at home, verses in the hand.

I'm over the whole comparison thing between the Canon A640 and the Nikon D200. They do different things. (The Nikon makes me feel macho, and the Canon takes good pictures) so, it was fun to do a semi-side-by-side shoot out with them, not really concerned about the outcomes, but for you, on the viewer side, you might enjoy to see if you can guess which images were made with the canon and which were made with the nikon. But really, that's not what the site is about so don't worry your head about it. Just look and see if you see what I see.

When I got home, and it was time to edit on down, I really had a time of deciding if i wanted to flop back and forth between color and b&w or just do all color, or just do all b&w. In the end, I decided to do all color, and all b&w. But i didn't really commit to the b&w, so don't get all ansel adams on me. I just sort of ran an action on the color ones when they were done and called it Black and White. But it's cool to see them both I think. Maybe open up two scrollers today, (GO CRAZY!) and um, stack 'em on your screen, so you can see one on top of the other. (or the other way around) I haven't done that yet because the images are still uploading and feeding me errors about what didn't upload and so on in the background here, but it's on my list of things to do as soon as the pix are there. Stack 'em up and look at 'em on top of each other.

Also, I ate some Top Ramen tonight. I can't think of the last time I did that, but it seemed appropriate as I was drinking Eye of the Hawk. It's like a sort of "college dinner" vibe. I mean, though I didn't drink when I was in college (per sé) I do associate the two with college.

anyway, that's the poop. Cheggum out. Sunday's pix are hot off the press, the others are from the immediate past.

good times,

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Numero 250

it's funny, I always imagined that once i got up there in the posts, that i'd be really rolling with something by then. Like a story book or some amazing thing that was totally a "must read" for lots of people, and here I am on post number 250, and still it's just me sitting at the desk, finished a bowl of pasta and not much to report beyond there is incense burning in my hall on account of something rather unpleasant involving feces and a carpet, i'm listening to some music from the mexican side of the fence and drinking water from a glass.

Really. That's the big news. HA. I mean, sure it smells good, the breeze, coming through the window. September 11 is knocking at the door and it's been long enough that it's about to fall on a Tuesday again, and there are still people putting stickers on sign posts that say "end the war on X - Date" etc. But really, what's new with them? what's new at all? Nothing's changing except for the obvious. Summer is on the down slide, though in California as you know (or maybe don't) summer is really just coming up to speed right now. We don't feel the fade for a month or two here, but the sense is there. The sun sets in a different part of the street and so on, but really, it's business as usual. These pix are a testament to that sentiment. Nothing exciting, nothing new, but again, here I am putting them there on a Saturday night and here you are on whichever day just having a look. So everything is just fine.

And you know, thanks for stopping over to read my post. Halfway to 500 of those. Maybe by 500 I'll come up with something interesting to talk about. I mean, i talk about interesting things, it's just that when I wait until i've edited the photos to come up with something to write, well, the steam has left the pipes. Maybe i'll work on that element soon.

Oh, here's something NEW. This morning I noticed when i woke up for work, (around 6:30 this morning, i got to sleep in) I noticed i wasn't thinking about Kevin Bacon. I didn't even notice, that's what makes it funny. But i came to my email, and sure enough there was a spam in the box that said, (in the subject heading) "danconnortown, Get Giving with Kevin Bacon."

Forgive them lord. They know not what they do.

In other news, I can't think of the last time I ate a bit of cheese.


danconnortown | listening to Juan | 9:38p & 58˚ out there.

the reclaim tanks

I was just standing out front here drinking a beer and feeling the nice late summer time air while I huffed on a 555, and there was a guy on a motorcyle, the kind with the loud pipes. Not a harley, but a japanese version of the harley, you know the kind. The guy had a nice shiny black helmet, and the nice khaki pants to go with his black leather jacket. He was revving on his way up the street, and i thought to myself, "them's some loud pipes" and of course i remembered the whole 80's thing where everyone had a bumper sticker that said, "Loud Pipes Save Lives" like, as if to say... well. I won't get into it. They were loud pipes. So away he went up the street, then back around the block, and I guess for a victory tour, back down my street the other way revving up a bit (i guess to keep it from just stalling out?! na. i'm sure it was just to hear how loud them pipes are) and he's driving with his turn signal on, he's not turning, he's just not paying attention. I mean it happens. I'm sure all of us have felt like dumbasses when we look down and see that we've had the turn signal on for at least 20 minutes. It happens. That's fine. But this bit with the loud pipes, I feel like I'd be self conscious about them. I mean, when i come home at night, I fairly well tip-toe up the stairs in my building. When i'm in my apartment, I am conscious of the people on either side, even though I know they can't hear me. I don't stomp around from room to room, i'm quiet with the dishes, etc. I won't even take a shower really late at night because i'm aware of the sound it probably makes in the hallway of my building.

I'm sure that comes from being raised by complete assholes, who would punish me, or well, anyone really, for making any noise at all. I lived in one of those houses where you damned well better tip toe, and you sure as hell weren't going to be jumping on your bed, and the whole "clean your room or i'll clean it for you" was not an invitation to test out the maid service. Lately i've been thinking about that kind of stuff, the way I was raised verses the way it appears that a lot of other people were raised, and i think it's so strange that I should come out "the crazy" one. I've had plenty of opportunity to hear people tell me that I don't care what other people think, I do it my way, etc. etc. but really I do care what other people think. I was thinking this as the guy roared by on his bike, because he obviously doesn't care what other people think. It's not like he gives a shit if as he goes up and down the street he's setting off car alarms or scaring the shit out of people with the revs. For him that's the point. I imagine him at 2 or 3 in the morning roaring up 4th street, "BLAP BLAP BLAPBLAPBLAPBLAP!!!!!" on his little bike. Not much bigger than a glorified mountain bike really, but with more noise than just about any other car rolling through town over the course of the day, all of them combined I would say don't compare to this one motorcycle.

What's the point? Most times, if i'm out driving on the freeway, I don't necessarily hear the bike until it's right next to my window, and then they rev it up to let me know that they can rev it up, and my my listen how loud they are. "look at me!" their bikes fairly well shout.

I tell you. A stunt like that under the rule of Evelyn Connor would yield a good beating with whichever shoe or belt or yardstick or anything that happened to be handy. If there was nothing durable enough handy, she would use that item until it broke and then go get something more durable. HA! you wanna talk about loud. That woman was pretty loud when she was throwing a beating, and you didn't want to find your voice rising above hers.

As i turned to watch the bike rumble and roar it's way back down 4th street, something flew into my eye and started to burn there, could have been anything, but as i was thinking of how to get whatever it was out of my eye, I wondered how the biker was raised. Did he have those same kinds of rules? Did he have the parents that would beat the crap out of him for walking too heavily? Perhaps he needed a couple more good ol' fashioned beatings with his dad's shoe.

For most of my adult life, I've thought that you are just supposed to be as quiet as possible in your house, in someone else's house, or out on the street. I don't mean you can't be hootin' and hollerin when you're drunk off your ass with friends, or crank the tunes when you're having a party, I mean, when it's just you. Just you out there on the earth by yourself, walking or talking or heading off to somewhere. There's no need for the whole world to hear it. I thought that that was what being polite was all about. Considering the other guy. Put your trash in the trash, your recycling in the recycling. You're not the only person here on the earth mister connor. MANNERS.

As i've grown, i've come to see that i'm probably very wrong. As a guest at a friends house, the family would set to banging pans, and talking full volume in the room I was staying in, because that's just how they do. Cars pull up to pick people up at home and lay on the horn again and again instead of just getting out and knocking on the person's door. Motorcycles are louder than rockets trying to get out of the atmosphere. People stomp on stairs and from room to room. They slam doors for no apparent reason other than they don't seem to know any better. Cars go by in town with the stereos booming so loud that you really can't hear the music in your own headphones. We've even got a guy here who just does laps up and down 4th cranking 80's pop music at full bore with the windows down. Of course, he's wearing earplugs himself, but that's just his style I guess.

It's times like these that I feel like REALLY doing what I want. Not even trying to be mindful of what's polite, but just being the guy that people are like, "ol' danconnortown. He really does like to have the music so loud it's like a concert all day and all night, and god bless him, he's doing what he wants to do. You gotta love a guy like that. Doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks, he's living for HIM. He's not an inconsiderate asshole, he's just living his life like the rest of us. And dad-blast it, he sure has a good time!"

Of course I won't. My music will stay 8 clicks below where I want it. My doors and windows are closed 90% more often than I really want. I'll still close doors quietly, and walk softly. And I tell you, I know Rusty Brown would sound like a demon from hell with some glass packs and straightpipe coming off of some headers (if I had my druthers), but Rusty will stay muffled like any big block V8 ought to be. And I guess people don't really beat people with shoes anymore. That stuff's gone with the manners of yesterday.

Am I way off base to think I've been going about this whole thing all wrong? How did thathappen?!

happier than a pig in shit,

dTown | listening to Thin Lizard Dawn | 62˚ and simply beautiful

the green man

aight playin a little ketchup, and one thing that's going on right now is that burning man thing, the green man. So I got this guy with a watermelon. it's green. he's a man. Get it? but then today, that guy (no i won't give him more props) but that guy burned The Man a little early to get famous, and then tonight, I was all queued up for the Tom Green show on his internet, with the headphones, the tinfoil, and a couple of squashes, but we came up short on time. Then, I was hungry after all the waiting so I went down to get a burger and the window display in the shop next door to the burger joint is all "Burning Man / Green Man" so i figured, OKAY. I'll mention it.

Summer is starting to crank it up over here, and the temps have been up there in the 80's i think, which is hot for here, but not like, you know, 80's in NYC. It's a different kind of it, and you already know that.

What about that girl from South Carolina though? The one with the answer about finding the U.S. on maps? And then there was that one about the Senator in the bathroom? Man, i'll admit it. I looked at some news lately, but I don't count it as politics if I don't have an opinion about it.

I keep thinking I want to say something clever, but nothing comes to mind so i'm just going to wrap it up. Here's what, check out the pix, they do the talkin for me. There's a bunch more coming, i'm only a few days behind now, so barring something REALLY exciting, we should be able to stay ahead of the wave. Man, that camera just keeps snappin.

Keep ya chins up.

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took quite a few pix over the past few days, but there's also "kidney recovery" time, sleep deprivation to contend with, and on top of that, there's the work. Upgrade to CS3 over the weekend, and it runs a hundred times better than the beta version from winter time, so i'm hoping the new CS will streamline some of the workflow and hopefully free up a little time to work on other things site related. This is just a shout out to let you know there's an update in the works, and if everything goes alright, the pix should drop by (i'm hoping) Thursday morning. Hopefully there'll be a bit of useful dialogue to go along with it.

btw. you can click on the picture above if you want a little sneak preview, and also a closer look at the CS3 Bridge interface

good times,

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After two months of what I'll call "an observation period" I have determined that by having MORON FONT at the top of my blog, directing people back to the main website, there have been only about 4 people who navigate to danconnortown via the banner at the top of the page, so for me, I like the way the old banner looked better. But it was an experiment. Sometimes people tell me that you have to really assume everyone is a dumbass. But I've decided that I can assume people are dumbasses without compromising my aesthetic. So, if you don't know already, you are welcome to click the banner up top, where the flag is, or where it says danconnortown, and you know, that'll take you back to dTown where all the pictures are. And if you don't know how the main site works, you just press the buttons. Like Archives, that's where you find the pictures that aren't right there on the splash page linked to the words. That's pretty much it.

Not much else going on, over here. Eating some meals, making some photos, you see how we do. Oh, you'll see in today's update where Ol' Jon Boy cut his thumb with a dull knife cutting some limes. He got some stitches in there. In case you're thinking it was me. I actually have a sexier thumb, and on top of that, I wouldn't get stitches. You'll recall a few months ago where I had a nice superglue pinky. (incidentally, you wouldn't know which one it was if you were to look at them both today)

I've been watching Canon roll out camera after camera this week, the Mk III 1ds, the A650, the G9, and the 40D are the ones that caught the most of my attention. I'm not in the market for any of these cameras, but i will admit the G9 is looking pretty ballsy, the Mk III, well. That goes without saying, and the 40D doesn't please me so much because it's not full frame. I do like the A650, but not enough so to want to own one. I think the A640 which I make most of my photos with is still the favorite.

But wait. I was supposed to make an interesting post. I was supposed to say something different. Not about cameras or Jon's thumb. Maybe something politcal? I think I was pretty worked up about that Deutsche Bank Fire in Manhattan the other day, and how it somehow wasn't making the news, but I think I decided that WHY SHOULD IT? The whole 911 thing never really made the news, so what's the big deal about the Deutsche Bank? BUT if YOU are interested, you are welcome to google it and maybe piece together what I may have been thinking about it. I mean really, who cares? The big news this week is that K-Fed went to Vegas. Apparently he likes to party now that he's liberated or something. Now, THAT is what I call NEWS.


Anyway here's some pix. (over on the mainsite, like i was saying, you just click up on the top) They're not having anything to do with Graffiti or street art, but don't worry. I haven't lost my interest in those things.

If you were wondering, the site that I draw the most traffic from? It's Tembokbomber. You can see them in my links on the sidebar here. That's where the referrals are the highest. I love Tembokbomber. Thanks dudes.

Oh, another thing. I finally figured out where I keep the timestamp info in here. And i set it to Pacific Time finally, but that changes the times on previous posts. I don't mind. But just so you know. Going Forward you will see accurate time stamps for my posts and it will feel like you're really there.

Keep your noses out of the water,

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morning joe

After posting my pix last night, I think I got to sleep around 2 or something. I don't recall, but I remember it was my plan to wake up and tear it on out to the beach, or get a full day of Bocce Ball in at the courts here. When I woke up this morning, I think it was early enough to do some beach, but I think I was maybe too lazy to do it, and opted to walk over and grab a cup of coffee. On the way there I saw the front page of the local paper. It was saying something about some person who was like, I'm not sure exactly. A member on a board of some global warming watchdog group, and she had been charged with being heavily invested in oil and gas and energy stocks. I thought it was pretty funny, so thought i'd ask the guy at the coffee shop what his take on it was.

When I got in there it was quiet. Silent quiet. No morning jazz or whatever I might have expected to hear in the cafe, and the guy wasn't especially chipper either, which normally I won't tolerate. If i'm going to pay 3 bucks for a coffee, you wanna be smiling at me when I come in the door and have something nice to say while you're at it, but i'm open minded. For all i know his wife died or something yesterday. (I assume that wasn't the case because his wife's father was there making sandwiches or something, and i'd wager they'd probably take the day off if that happened) So anyway, I say to him, "did you catch the one about the lady with all her money in the oil & gas?" and he explodes.


"It's BULLSHIT. It's ALL bullshit. Everything is bullshit. The feds, the taxpayers, the watchdog groups, all of it. I was in stocks. I was a trader. Not even the administration can do anything about it. Even if they wanted to, which they don't. But they wouldn't and they can't. All they can do is raise or maybe lower some rates here and there and hopefully the next administration, or the one after that creates some bubble while they're in office. Is it the internet? is it energy? is it real estate development? is it prisons? whatever it is, it's all bullshit and there's nothing anyone can do about it, so you might as well invest or not invest in whatever the hell you want, because even THAT is bullshit. it's ALL bullshit!"

Changing tack, "Um. Ha! yea. I hear ya man. Good morning. Could I please get an iced mocha?"

"Sure. I mean look at it this way. It's always somebody trying to be a watchdog. But they call themselves a non-profit and are first in line to buy themselves a Mercedes SUV or get their fucking toenails done by some asian lady, or say they're supporting the troops, by what?! By driving a fucking chevy suburban around town all day with a "Save Lake Tahoe" sticker on the back? Did you want that to stay or to go?"

"um, yea. totally. I'll um, I'll take that to go. Thanks."

Anyway, I opted for the Bocce Ball. I don't want anyone saying I drove Ol' Rusty Brown out to the coast just to drive out to the coast, and I don't even have a "save the lake" style sticker. In fact, i've been looking all over the place for one of those fancy american flag stickers like you see on the cop cars and every other fucking car these days, and for the life of me I can't find one. I go to the car part store, I go to the car wash, I OBVIOUSLY go to the gas station, but nobody's got 'em. Don't worry though. I'll find one. It's nothing to worry about. And when I do, I know just how it goes.

Keep ya chins up, and you know, try and shop local.

Good Times,

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the vibe

Here's some recent pix. There's some more coming too, I just couldn't get to them all tonight. Let's see. That first one you see on the scroll, that's what a smoker sees when they're done hawking up chunks of lung. I was being polite. I didn't put the big meaty black chunks up, because you should be allowed to ease yourself into the reality of it all. It's been a while since I had a cigarette, I think more than a month now, but I haven't really been paying attention. There's another photo in there with this lightbulb full of water in it. That's my friend Chris, down in LA conducting some sort of experiment in his apartment. And then the lion's share of the images are from my trip up to Lake Berryessa last weekend. Had a great time up there, and there's a lot of pix that I didn't post, but that's mostly because from my experience, I run the risk of being asked to take them down, which isn't how I like to do it.

You know how if you slap a kid, the kid doesn't care for getting slapped the next time? It's kind of like that. Except, none of these folks has slapped me in a long while with the "I don't like that picture of me" card, but I just decided I don't feel like even putting myself at risk over it. ADJUST.

In the meantime, i've been spending some time over at YouTube and getting some little videos up there. I'm sure you can figure out how to search for danconnortown on youtube if it interests you. And there's the zooomr too. (you can learn more about the zooomr on the post below this one)

That's my story. Oh DeEtte's having a birthday party this weekend back in New York. Gosh I wish i could join them for the little birthday bash, and I understand they've scheduled a pretty impressive meteor shower for the weekend too. I hope they have clear skies and nothing but good times. I'm going to try and see me some meteors too. Those are fun to watch when they're falling from the sky. In the meantime (while you're waiting) it's always fun to make up your own stories about the stars. Go to NASA's site for info on the meteor shower. I'd link it but you know how it is....

Keep your chins up out there. That's about all i'm interested in doing right now. Gettin' the nose to the sky.

good times,

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Alright, so i'm getting better little by little here. I wouldn't say it's a full recovery. No. I won't say that. But, still I've been making some pictures and that's been good. Another thing that happened was I was finally able to get back into my Flickr account, which i've been locked out of since last november when they did the ol' switcharoo, where you had to have a Yahoo! ID to get on or whatever. There was some sort of mishap, that took until just last week to resolve. ( INFURIATING ) but not really infuriating, I just said, "aah. whatever." and haven't dealt with it, but now it's been dealt with, but dig this.

Ok, so the main reason I even bothered with flickr was I thought it would be cool to have another venue to show my pix, but also because of the tagging, you know, getting to tag your pix. Because I strip all the metadata out when i save them for the scrollers you see, so I thought that would be great to have, but what i learned is, that none of my tags were working anyway. So then, you have to go to the forums, and the FAQs and spend time on that, and I was like, "gimme a break. just DO your job!" jeeez. Bla bla, more emails later, and we're still nowhere.

So, meanwhile, Firefox is acting like a punk rock teenager in a staunch republican's household. I mean, just CRUISIN' for a bruisin, and that's driving me up the wall. Loading pages slowly, failed page loads, random crashes, etc. Enough is enough, it's like a family crisis. I've got the Flickr giving me crap, i've got Firefox begging for a weekend at Boystown USA, and i'm still dealing with what is by now, most likely, throat cancer. OH NICE, and i'm just now seeing (remembering as well) that Safari doesn't have all the bells active with blogger, for like italics and what not, so i have to do it with the HTML lite as I type. (Talk about sounding like Ye Olde dTown all over again. (JIMINY!!) Alright so none of my photos can be found by the tags. So my friend Brad, he tags a photo with "danconnortown" and son of a bitch if it doesn't work fine for him. So i write him and I say, "HEY. What's Different?!" You think i'm gonna hear back? No. I'm not gonna hear back. He's to fancy with his fancy New York lifestyle. So, then I have to come up with something else.

And how'm I gonna do that? Well here's what i did. I was on Pownce™, that's this new thing that's all exclusive. (Oh wait. so i have to do the code for links too? see?! that's just going to slow me down. Thanks Firefox for sucking balls these past few months. 'Preciate it. ) anyway, it's supposed to be the new "big thing" but guess what? It ain't so big. The interface is clunky, it's got some limitations, it's a little confusing, and they want you to buy the "pro" account for it to actually be cool. And even then it's not really cool, it just has no "ads" on it. But here's what happened. I have the "invite only" style, so you know, i'm at least exclusive but trust me, you're not missing anything, but i'm in there and one of the ads is for this thing, a photo site, like flickr, but it's called Zooomr. Now, the thing about zooomr is, it's unlimited across the board, bandwith, images, file sizes, etc. and also offers tagging and so on. So (thanks Pownce) I went there and got an account and have been dumping photos up there because it's easy, and the effing tags WORK. You can see my pix on it by going to the dTown Zooomr. but there's not necessarily some new stuff up there yet. I'm basically migrating some old stuff. Making selects. But that's something you could see if you wanted to.

Tomorrow or so, i might get into editing the pix from the past week or two, but i'm not sure yet how it's all going to play out. There are some good ones though, nothing to get all hurky jerky about but you know, the lake is nice in the summer.

So there's them, and they're coming. Just wanted to give you an update. I'm not dead, but i'm getting closer. There's still pix coming down the pipe, i've had a falling out with Firefox, and i'm a day or two away from deleting my flickr account. What next? Who knows. Maybe i'll start using Opera or Camino?! ha ha

Bueno Noches,

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Yo, I'm pretty hopped up on the NyQuil over here, it's about 6 in the morning on Sunday and my first or second or third, i forget which, cycle of NyQuil vs. DayQuil has run its course so here I am. Not much to report other than I'm pretty bored of feeling like i've got the flu in the middle of July, and not much else to report.

I woke up from one of those NyQuil dreams, you know where your head is still spinning and your eyes are crusted shut like in the cartoons where the sandman comes and dumps a whole bag of sand on your eyes, and in my dream I had this strange camera set up. If you're a photographer you might be able to follow along and if you're not, don't worry too much about it, its more about The Vibe than the details. So in the dream there were all these people around, it was a mish-mash of NYC peeps and NorCal peeps, there was some celebrity and some every day folk as well and a fair smattering of hipsters too. I had this camera which was basically my Canon point and shoot (a640) with a stroboframe and a Nikon SB26 strobe on it, using an SC-17 coil cord. The point is that I was using it to shoot through an old Retina twin lens camera with a broken waist level finder, and the strobo-frame had a rotating ball head that allowed me to point the strobe where ever I wanted. So I had the retina on a strap around my neck, and I would point the lens of the canon through the viewfinder on the retina and then jack the flash in whichever direction i needed, and somehow I was supposed to get these sort of old school looking retina style photos, which of course in the dream was really more about


the process than it was about trying to get pictures quickly or anything like that. Well in the circles of people were that guy Paul, from Interpol, and NO, DJ Aoki was NOT there. But that kid Scott Parsley was there, and there were a bunch of really hot LES style chicks in the cool clothes and it was like a party on the grass somewhere, and there was some sort of NeoBohemian event taking place that lent itself to you know, making good photos and stuff. It was a fun dream, and I was enjoying making pictures there even though the whole camera thing wasn't really doing what I wanted it to do, and now between the NyQuil™ and that incident that just occurred while i was trying to italicize something i've lost my train of thought. So i'm just going to wrap it up and lay it down.

You'll see some pix on this morning's update where ol' Swonetz was up from San Diego, we went out to Drake's Beach, that was good times. Had some Chelada, and hiked around some. Caught a beautiful sunset above the cloudline from up on Bolinas Ridge out between Fairfax and Bolinas. It's moments like that when I know that I moved to the right place. Sure, sometimes I wonder you know, "dTown, are you sure you were done with the New York thing?" and then I'll see a sunsetting above the clouds, and I'll know, "um. yea dan. You were done with that." Also, I saw a minty Ranchero. I'm not a huge fan of the Ranchero myself, but I have an incredible respect for any one who keeps a car that is so unusual in the flossy minty fresh state, such as you will see.

welp. I'm back to bed with some tea, some wildflower honey, and a snowsuit.

happy sunday.

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Today feels like maybe I got a cold or something. Not a cold, but like, the flu? na. You can't get the flu in the summer. It's something though. I got it. But that's cool. I don't get run down too much any more so you know, I'll take it to the beach, and maybe that'll bring me back in line.

The other day I was lying in the park looking over at bum hill like I do before the church bells ring in the old mission, and I noticed this little bee hanging out on my flip-flop. Now, the thing about bees is, I'm not really into them so much, but I don't go out of my way to kill 'em either. They tend to hang around the dandelions while i'm laying in the grass, so we have this kind of "I won't fuck with you, so long as you don't fuck with me" thing going. Bees for the most part are pretty good like that. They're mostly just interested in the flowers anyway. So this bee, he's kind of hanging out on my flip flop, and I can't really figure out what's so special about it. And he's not moving too fast, so I figure, well. I'm not in too much of a hurry anyway. Whenever he gets around to buzzing off, I'll head back. But the thing is, he's not really in a hurry either. Just hanging out on my flip flop. So I took a few pictures of him, and I was trying to figure out if maybe he was broken, or tired, or maybe getting drunk off the foot bed of my flop. What do I know about it? But he's pretty content just chilling there and I can't make heads or tails of it.

Well after a while, he migrates to my towel in the grass, which you know, I don't mind so long as he doesn't sting me or anything, though I think there was a bee that stung me earlier that day, stung me right on the pinky toe. I don't like to get stung on any toe, but the pinky toe is you know. Well. it takes the fun out of laying in the grass with your flip flops off, is what i'm trying to say, but I had forgotten about that until just now, so it wasn't like some big deal or anything.

Long story short. He hobbled around on my towel for a while, and didn't seem to be in any hurry to get off the towel either. So what I did was, i picked up the towel, gently and gave it a little shake toward the baseball fields. Now, I can't say that I saw him fly away, but I can't say I saw him just fall into the grass either. So I packed up my stuff, put on my flops and went on home.

Tonight I downloaded the pix, and remembered that little bee. And when i'm looking at the pictures, it looks like his wings were kind of bummed. But he also appeared to have a fine stinger still intact. So I don't know what to tell you there.

Also discovered this great new product. The Chelada. You're not going to see those in a lot of places, but Brad says we have 'em here in California, and some folks have them down in Texas. It's a Budweiser mixed with Clamato. What a GREAT idea! I had to buy it the moment I saw it. It's GENIUS. So I went looking around on the internet, starting of course at Budweiser dot com, and son of a bitch if it isn't their dirty little secret. I can't find a link that isn't some dork-blog or somebody ripping on it, but here's what I can say. It's great. I mean, you probably don't want to make it your only beer in the fridge, but I mean, it's a great one to have in there. If you like bloody marys you'll appreciate it. I didn't get a chance to put some scrimps in it, or any other spices, but I could see it being a beer you might like to fine tune yourself. It's amazing to me that with 20 or more pages of results from Google that I can't just get the straight poop on that product from the horse's mouth (so to speak, you know, because budweiser does that whole, Clydesdale thing.) I'm not exactly sure what "certified color" is, but i'm sure it can't be worse for me than say, using a cellphone.

Anyway I've discovered some sort of problem with the archives today, I see that june and july 2007 are getting munched together somehow. I'll look into it over the next few days and see if I can get it back together, but the good news is, all the pictures are there at least.

So in the meantime, be kind to animals, try new things and enjoy the remains of your summer.

Good Times,

dTown | drinking tea | listening to Soma FM


I went up to Santa Rosa over the weekend, and man, I gotta say, everytime I go there, (how many commas can I use in 1 sentence?) I gotta say, it's nice up there. I always run into people who hate it because they "grew up there". I say GROW UP. It's a great little town. Sunny and warm. People ride their bicycles around, there's a cool little scene, they got mountains and redwoods and really warm air. Housing is cheaper by a mile compared to here, and it's just plain old fashioned good times.

Pretty much all of my friends up there have kids, so you know, the vibe has changed a little bit in the past 10 years or so, but I like it. One thing I really like is they have a swimming pool. I can't find one to save my life here in San Rafael. I mean, Victor's got one at his place, but you know, you can't just roll up on it when you want and hang out by the pool in the sun all day. San Rafael has a skate park, but it's not the same thing at all.

Got to watch some of the tour this weekend. First time i've done that in years. I used to watch that religiously when I lived up there ten years ago. Funny how in New York I was content to just hear what was happening after every so-many days.

Got back last night and found myself in bed by 8:30, which you know isn't what I had expected, but I suppose all that good ol' fashioned country livin' took its toll on my aging self.

Not too much to report, other than I spent some time with some old friends and had a nice time doing it.

Good Times,

dTown | Sunny and Cool.


Sitting eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thinking more about The Plan. What it is that I can bring myself to be interested in doing with my time. (my time on earth) I mean, I know i don't want to wear a kilt and a cowboy hat and make some sort of combustible art for Burning Man™ or something like that. But that's kind of as far as i've taken it. Interesting process of elimination. I know that the short term plan is to put some words here and then take my towel and a book to the park, lay down on the towel and read some of the book. Mostly I want to lay down on the towel and think about whatever comes to mind.

Every now and then, something will come to mind that I either don't want to think about, or wish I wasn't thinking about, and that's when I'll roll over and light a cigarette and while smoking it, i'll think about smoking a cigarette, and usually when i'm doing that, i'll think about other times I smoked a cigarette, and what I thought about then, and you know, something usually comes from it, but if nothing comes, i'll snuff it out and lay back down to let the sun give me some ideas.

It's nice to think that way. Just not really worrying about what you think about, except the parts where I still have to think about my Kevin Bacon experience. That part gets really boring, especially where it's been years and still it eats up my time. It would make more sense if say, I had been driving drunk, and I killed some little kid who ran out in the road to catch a ball or something. Then I would get it. I'd be like, 'well yea dTown. why don't you think about that for a while? But this is nothing like that. This is more like spending time thinking about why George Bush gets to be The President. There's no point to it. There's No Reason for it. It just IS, so there you go.

Ironically, i've even come to terms with that Bush can be president all he wants. That's fine with me. Whatever makes the rest of the world happy. Drive your hummers. Watch your Fox News. Go ahead and think that everything that's come to pass since 911 really really was about 19 saudi's with box cutters. OF COURSE it was. There's no question marks there. It's already been PROVEN by the president.

*I digress. That's politics, and we've already talked about that. No Politics.

Today there are some pix from yesterday, (7-11) and basically what happened there is I went out to Oakland, met up with sQQ and friends, ate some thai food? or maybe it was vietnamese. Either way, it was pretty tasty. I had some eggplant and stuff like that. Then we went to The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival. It's always fun to see stuff on fire, even if it's completely controlled and there's fire trucks around, and you know, security and wrist bands and all that stuff. Fire is something to watch. It doesn't ask questions, and it's always changing. (oh my how profound)

Anyway. That's what's going on. Ope. 4 o'clock. You know the rules.

i'm out

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